Honeymoon - Luau, Etc.

This is the last of my "Honeymoon In Hawaii" memory posts in honor of our five year anniversary!  I had a lot more to say about our trip than I originally thought, and that's good because I was afraid I had forgotten most of the details.  It's coming back to me as I'm writing this, and I'm glad because Hawaii is the only trip that we've taken since being married that I didn't have thoroughly documented on the 'ole blog.  

This is also the part where I tell the story of the only day that didn't go smoothly on our trip!  Read on.
Continuing from last time, we flew out to Oahu for a day to see the USS Arizona memorial, and while we were there we decided to head over to the Dole plantation!  

By the way, Oahu (at least where we were) is not nearly as pretty as Kauai.  There were much less trees and flowers, but the Dole plantation was beautiful!



Lots of different colored hibiscus flowers.

Have I mentioned that lots of the ladies in Hawaii were plumeria flowers in their hair?  Here's me sporting mine.

In the gardens at the Dole plantation.

They had a huge gift shop, and they sold pineapple ice cream and juice.  We didn't try the ice cream, but we did try fresh chocolate-covered pineapple!  Oh my goodness, it was so good.


We went to explore a little bit after we were done at the plantation and we found this big mansion that used to be the home to Hawaii's king.  We wanted to take the tour, but it was ridiculously expensive, so we just looked at it from the outside.



There were also more of those big trees with the vine/root things.  This was a cluster of them and they just created this huge canopy - it was cool!


We flew back to Kauai that night, and can I just say that that little plane terrified me?  It rattled so badly, and we were flying over the ocean in the dark, and I kept having visions of crashing into the water in the middle of the night!  And I'm not usually afraid of flying.  I was glad when we landed.

The next day we just drove around and checked out some trails on the island and goofed off again.  It was fun!  I believe it was this morning that we went to a different resort and had breakfast as well.  I don't know why I remember that, but I do, and we walked around and looked in all the gift shops. I bought a swimsuit coverup.

Another waterfall/lookout point.  There were so many pretty views on Kauai.



We drove and looked at a bunch of multi-million-dollar beach houses too, and dreamed about buying one someday (you never know!).

A walking trail we found.  We're pretty sure they filmed part of Jurassic Park here.



On our walk we found a mango tree.  We were just being silly and pretending to eat the mangos here, but we actually did find a couple of fresh ones and took them back to our resort to eat!



We headed back and decided to go swimming.  And Derek still makes the silly faces at the camera!


More pina coladas, of course.  We had them whenever we got a chance!


I didn't take any pictures, but the resort also had a lounge that opened out into the beach and pool area, and they'd have live music at night.  So one night we got dressed up and got pina coladas and just sat out there enjoying the ocean until it got dark.  It was lovely.

The final night we were there we went to a luau, and they tricked all of us girls into taking hula lessons.  It was embarrassing.  I am not a good dancer, especially not at the hula!  I think I need to practice in case we ever go back.  Derek got a few pictures, but there are a bunch of other ladies in them too, so I won't post them here.

We didn't actually get to see how they cooked the pig and everything, but we got to eat it, and it was good!  They also had a show with the traditional Hawaiian dancers.  You know we had to do a luau if we were in Hawaii!

Before dinner.

At dinner.  I think I sneaked this in before the show started.


The next day we had to leave our lovely resort.  Our flight out wasn't until late at night though, so we thought we'd take the car and drive around the other direction around the island.

We made it to Waimea canyon, which is like the Grand Canyon of Hawaii, and it was beautiful!




This is where it started to go downhill - we had plans to drive further around the island, but when we got back to the car we realized we were supposed to return the car to the rental place by 11:00 AM - and it was past 12:00.  Whoops!  So we cut our mini road trip short and took the car back to the rental place.  

I don't think the late fees were too expensive, but then we had the problem of figuring out what to do for the next 9-10 hours with no car.  We also had both of our bags to lug around with us.  And I have not mastered the art of packing light for vacation.  So my bag was big, and probably as close to the 50 lb. limit as it could get.

We realized that the Marriott was not too far away from the airport, and they had a shuttle that would take you there, so we decided to go down that direction and check it out.  When we got down there we walked around the courtyards - it was pretty ritzy!  We thought our resort was really nice and perfect, but the Marriott was a whole other level - and probably super-expensive.

That walk around the Marriott lasted all of an hour, and we weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves.  We headed back up to the entrance, and we were standing around trying to figure out what to do.  There were a couple nice bellmen there who realized the predicament we were in, and they offered to hold our luggage for us if we wanted to walk around more or head into town, so we took them up on it!

We decided to take a taxi into town and see if we could find a movie theater or something.  It was the first time I had ever ridden in a taxi, and I think our short ride cost us $40.  For a few miles.  Ouch!  They gave us a card so we could call them when we wanted to be picked up, but that wasn't happening.

We went to get some lunch at Burger King, and then we did find a local movie theater.  Not much was playing, because Hawaii gets the movies way behind the rest of the US, but we hadn't seen Wall.E, so we decided to see that.  We didn't realize there was pretty much no talking in the whole movie.  I think we both got a little sleepy toward the end.

We debated seeing another movie after that, but in the end we decided to head back to the airport.  But we were not going to call that taxi again, so we decided to walk.  It was a long walk!  Probably five miles, and it was hot.  I remember walking past all these little houses and admiring the hibiscus bushes everywhere.  We finally got back to the Marriott, picked up our bags, and then took the shuttle back to the airport.  And . . . we still had three hours or so to wait.  Ugh.

Derek bought me a big chewy cookie, and we read our books and tried to sleep, and pretty much sat there bored the whole time.  We were relieved when we finally got to board, but it was a red-eye flight, so we didn't get much sleep!  After we landed and drove the two hours home, we pretty much crashed.  It was our first night in our new home together, but we were both too tired to appreciate it!  Plus the kitchen was in shambles because my dad was working on remodeling it for us as a wedding present.

Not exactly the fairytale ending to our wonderful trip, but it made for an interesting day!  Our honeymoon was perfect, and I feel so blessed that we were able to go to Hawaii!  We're hoping to someday make it back there.  Maybe for our 10-year anniversary?
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Anonymous said...

How fun! I loved my family vacation to Hawaii and I would love to go with Ryan some time in the future! I agree that Kauai was WAY prettier than Oahu. I think Kauai was my family's favorite of all our stops (:

Melanie said...

Gosh the pictures are just amazing!!! Really makes me want to visit! Too bad your trip ended the way it did..yikes..a 5 mile walk? I would have died!!

Anne said...

We just got home from vacation in Italy, so I am waaaay behind on blog reading, but I'm loving your posts on Hawaii. Derek and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon also. We went to Oahu and Maui (and visited the SS Arizona and the Dole pineapple plantation!) and loved it! I hope we make it back some day too.

Also, when I was just out of high school my family went to Hawaii and we went to Kauai, and I remember seeing the canyon. I would love to go back there too. And we stayed at a Marriott, but I doubt it was the one you all stopped at. But..I love Hawaii and love reading about your honeymoon!

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