Outfits For Less Than $25

Welcome back for another week of From My Kid's Closet!  The theme this week is "Under $25 Dollars", meaning the whole outfit total has to come to under $25.

For my personal interpretation of the theme, I figured counting gift items as costing me zero dollars would be kind of cheating, so I put together outfits that actually would cost less than $25 if I bought them myself.  Here we go:

DSC 4328blog

DSC 4335blog

DSC 4458blog

DSC 4467blog

Incidentally, Wyatt and Gwen's less-than-25-bucks outfits also coordinated!  I actually did not plan this, but it worked out nicely, right?

Wyatt's Outfit:

Shirt - Four bucks on clearance at Target.  

Shorts - Four bucks at the thrift store (score!).

Shoes - Sixteen bucks at Target.  The most expensive part of his outfit.  Trust me, if I could have gotten Wyatt sturdy sandals for cheaper, I would have.

Train - Not part of the outfit, so it doesn't count, but it just appeared in my house one day . . . I suspect Wyatt may have accidentally smuggled it out of Sunday School, because I've been finding things in his pockets lately.  But I can't be certain.

Total: $24

Gwen's Outfit:

Shirt and bloomer outfit - I actually did not buy this myself, but I've seen very similar outfits at Target, so I'm guessing it cost around $15.

Barefoot sandals (which elicit "oohs and aahs" from all ladies in our general vicinity wherever we go) - Five dollars from this Etsy seller.  I got them on sale.

Headband - Three dollars from this Etsy seller.  They have a ton of colors too.

Total: $23

Pretty cute, right?  I'm sure you could do kids' outfits for cheaper than this if you tried, but I was pretty happy with what I came up with!

I'm separating out my post from the link-up post this week, so scroll up to the most recent post to link up!

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Melanie said...

Love their outfits! I know what you mean about Wyatt's sandals..once they hit a certain age..you gotta buy some tough shoes thats gonna hold up!

Ashley said...

Very cute! I love those baby sandals!! :) I have a feeling my kids will have a bunch of those:)

Dove of Snow said...

You have such adorable kiddos! Your baby girl is growing soooo fast and I just love her precious chubby cheeks, bright eyes and baby doll smile! So cute! - R

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