Patriotic Outfits

Time for another round of From My Kid's Closet!  This week the theme is the 4th of July, so be sure to link up all your Independence Day posts and show off your kids' patriotic outfits!

Here are my little American babies.

DSC 4762blog

DSC 4772blog

DSC 4769blog

Wyatt's Outfit

Shirt - Children's Place.

Shorts - Walmart.

Shoes - Target.  I wanted to put him in his flip flops, but I searched my whole house and couldn't find them!  So it's the same shoes.  He'll probably be wearing those the rest of the summer.

Gwen's Outfit

Shirt and Bloomers - Walmart.  I tell you, Walmart had great patriotic stuff this year.

Bow headband - Ruby and Sue.  I want to order more - they have way too many cute bows!

Shoes - Target, on clearance!

I kind of mush-mashed their outfits together from a bunch of different places, but I think they turned out so cute!  I love patriotic kid's clothes.  You just can't go wrong.

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Allison Rebecca said...

Our girls have the same outfits! good taste-) And Wyatt's shorts-too cute-such a little stud!

A said...

Aw, they are adorable! Little kid/baby clothes are just the cutest :) My husband has stopped me from buying any kid stuff since we got married (I've come close to buying some souvenir baby clothes and a few adorable little girl things), and thank goodness...otherwise we'd probably have a full wardrobe for a boy and a girl by now.

Melanie said...

Love their adorable! Gotta agree w/you too on Walmart...they've had some pretty great stuff this year!

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