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I'm still working on a post about our camping vacation, so stay tuned for that!  However, Derek's brother and sister-in-law flew in for part of June this year - it was so fun to have them here and go do a few things together.  I never got to share the pictures, so I thought I'd post them now.

Gwen got to meet her aunt and uncle for the first time!

DSC 4490blog

DSC 4488blog

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We all decided to go out one day, and I hung out with Wyatt and Gwen in the car while Derek and his family went on a cave tour.  I just knew Wyatt wasn't going to like being in a cave, so I thought it'd be best for us to wait a couple more years before we try that.

After the tour, we went out to lunch in one of the tourist-y towns around here.  Wyatt really wanted to help push Gwen in her stroller.  His older cousin was such great help with keeping an eye on him when he wanted to push the stroller around the parking lot!

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After that we went to see some waterfalls in the mountains, and we climbed 200+ stairs to reach the top!  

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Once we got up there, Gwen decided she was hungry (even though she just ate), and she cried for ten minutes while Derek ran all the way back down to the car for the bottle.  I felt so bad - for Gwen and for Derek! Then we finally got to the bottom again and Derek ran back up to get a picture for me, just because he wanted to (thanks Hon!).  So Derek ended up going up and down three times!  I was shocked that he wasn't more sore the next day.

The next day everyone came over to our house for lunch, and we had a nice visit at home.

DSC 4650blog

Jeff and Rae brought bubbles for Wyatt (he still loves bubbles)!

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DSC 4695blog

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We decided spur-of-the-moment to go out to dinner later, which was nice.

IMG 0978blog

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Later in the week we went down to a local kid's play-place and let the kids run around for a while.  Wyatt was really interested in the painting.

DSC 4924blog

DSC 4925blog

Painting with his cousin!

DSC 4911blog

Went off the paper here and there, but he was concentrating so hard!  It was cute.

DSC 4923blog

DSC 4894blog

DSC 4917blog

DSC 4927blog

DSC 4926blog

DSC 4897blog

His finished masterpiece!

DSC 4928blog

Riding around on the trike in the play area.

DSC 4932blog

Gwen got lots of attention from her aunts and uncles and Gramie, so she was as happy as a clam.

DSC 4938blog

We went out to McDonald's afterward for lunch, and Wyatt followed his cousin clear to the top of the playland!  He was having so much fun, I had to go up there to get him to come back down.  We'll have to work on the coming down part.

IMG 0990blog

Then Derek's mom and our sister-in-law watched this kids later while Derek and I went out with my two brothers-in-law to watch the new Star Trek!  Which was really good, and way better than the first one, I think.

IMG 0992blog

We came back to a delicious dinner that Rae made for us!

We were sad when we had to say goodbye, because we don't get to see Jeff and Rae that often, but we had such a nice time with them here.  Hopefully we can get out there again next year to visit them again!
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Veronica and Daniel said...

I liked the 2nd star trek better than the first too! My favorite pictures are the ones of Wyatt painting - so much concentration :) I love the look on his face - you do such a lovely job of capturing your kid's personalities on camera!

Jessica Elyse @ Memoirs of a Mommy said...

Fun! Did you like those waterfalls? I have always wanted to check them out but haven't made it down there to try. Is it worth it?

Amanda said...

Looks like so much fun and all I can think about in those pictures is how big Gwen is getting :) :/

Melanie said...

Great pics! And wow..that walkway to the waterfall looked STEEP!!! Love Gwen's skinny jeans in the one pic too..cute!

Whitney said...

Poor little Gwen has such a sad crying face! I'm sure it's going to be hard to tell that girl no! :)

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