Things I Learned On Vacation This Year

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Things I learned on Vacation This Year:

1.  If you think you're developing Shingles before you leave, just fill the prescription your doctor calls in for you.

2.  Shingles hurts.  A lot.

3. Try not to forget about the bananas for the first two days.  By day three your whole car will smell like over-ripe bananas.

4.  Staying with relatives really can make your vacation fun and less stressful, especially when you have kids two and under!

5. Don't bring the diaper bag while camping - you won't need it.  The car becomes diaper-changing central, and it goes with you everywhere.

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6. If you decide to change your entire plan for vacation mid-trip, realize it's probably going to end up costing more money than you think it is.

7.  It's okay to take a picture by an auto lot sign if it's the best Route 66 sign available.

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8.  Road trips are great times to catch up on reading, and my instinct to always bring more books than I think I will read payed off!  

9.  When camping, the car will just not stay organized.  Or clean.  You must put your OCD tendencies on the back burner until you get home.

10.  Tent camping really is a lot of fun!  I had never been camping in a tent before, and I was surprised at how much fun I had.  Even  Especially when the kids decided to snuggle on our air mattress with us.  Good memories in the making!

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Lots more pictures and a full recap coming soon! 
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Jenni Lynn said...

i don't think i could handle the car unorganized for to long, i might have an ocd attack! I am thinking maybe I just should bring my kids a long camping, I won't need them, and then I really won't need a diaper bag :O)

Kerrie Williams said...

ooh I had the shingles once. NO fun. Plus, it made me feel like an old person :/

Hannah said...

oh, it sounds like it turned out ok in the end. Camping really does make for some of the best memories. ... I still remember the time my family went camping and our tent fell down on us while we were sleeping (due to the wind, not poor tent assembly)! But you are very right, it's useless to try and keep everything nice and tidy and clean while camping.

LeAnna said...

Bless your heart! Shingles are meeeeeeean.

Emily Powell said...

such sweet pictures but I probably won't be trying it out anytime soon!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

OH goodness...I am so sorry about Shingles!

Melanie said...

Oh my gosh..did you have the shingles?!? Looks like y'all had alot of fun!

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Oh my! That photo of you and the kiddos in the tent is priceless! Camping as a mom is an insane amount of work—but so memorable in the end!

Dove of Snow said...

Fun fun! You did get a TON of reading done! I'm so "jealous"!!! I have barely gotten more than a chapter here and there for months. LOL I have a little excuse in the form of a new baby that's made it a challenge! :) So I am ready to read again.

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