10 Places To Buy Baby Headbands

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Gwendolyn has quite the headband collection going!  I just love buying her headbands - I feel like her outfits aren't complete without a headband.  It's like icing on the cake.  Thankfully she hasn't started pulling them off yet - I'm crossing my fingers that she won't!  I started her young (around a week old), so I'm thinking she just thinks it's normal to always be wearing a headband all the time.

I have shopped many different places for her headbands, and today I thought I'd share with you where her collection came from! I've gotten most of her headbands from 10 specific places.  What a nice, round number.


Sevin Designs - This shop has sweet,simple headbands, and one thing I love is that from the moment I got them I could tell they were really high quality and well-made.  I used these headbands in some of Gwen's newborn pictures, and they were perfect!

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Sweet Lovely Creations - Remember the peacock headband I used in Gwen's newborn pictures?  This is the shop I got that from.  She has a ton of beautiful "statement" headbands, like ones you could use for photoshoots, and lots of them include feathers, which I love!  The prices are also pretty good for so much detail.


3 Lovelies Bowtique - I love this shop for Gwen's everyday headbands - I got her several shabby flower headbands for a very good price here!  You can get 6 headbands for $11.50 - that's unheard of.  It basically because of this shop that I have a headband to go with every one of Gwen's outfits - she offers a ton of colors, and they were affordable enough that I could buy all the ones I wanted!

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Ellura Sage - This shop has simple, classic headbands.  My favorites are the flower headbands (Gwen sported one in her 7 month pictures recently), and her lace rosette headbands (very unique).

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Lola Rose - I got this adorable yellow headband for Gwen's six month pictures from this shop.  I love it.  It has flowers, feathers, lace, and chevon - pretty much everything you could possibly want in a headband!  I'm going to give you a sneak peek at her session so you can see (full 6 month photo shoot coming soon!).  Lola Rose has tons of other headbands that I think would be gorgeous for photo shoots, so I'll probably be checking it out again in the future!

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Harts and Roses - Tons of headbands for everyday wear and photoshoot-worthy headbands too.  I bought a Christmas headband for Gwen from this shop, just in case she was a before-Christmas-baby, but she wasn't so she'll probably wear it this year instead.  Harts and Roses also sells barefoot sandals, which I think are completely adorable for baby girls!

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Ruby and Sue - Love this shop.  When I was a girl I remember reading a Mickey Mouse book, and Minnie and Daisy were looking at all their bows, trying to decide which ones to wear - they had all kinds of different colors and patterns. That's what this shop reminds me of.  Basic, classic bows, but in a ton of different colors and patterns!  I got Gwen's 4h of July bow here, and I will definitely be shopping here again.

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Sassy Baby Essentials - This is where I got Gwen's head wraps, and I love them!  I'm thinking I may end up ordering a couple more in different colors for the fall.  The head wraps stand out to me, but she sells a ton of other baby accessories too, and different style headbands - plus the owner is really sweet.  When I ordered from her I got randomly picked and she threw in a few baby clips and an extra glitter headband for no reason!

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My Girl Creations - I actually won a headband from this shop in a giveaway.  Lindsey offers unique fabric flower clips and elastic ribbon headbands to go with them, so you can mix and match.  She was also amazing to work with, and when I wanted to order an extra headband to go with the headband I won, she threw it in for free!  Definitely one of the sweetest shop owners I've worked with, and she has an amazing selection.  I'm pretty sure the headband I got from this shop will be featured in our Christmas card photos this year, so stay tuned.

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Target - And finally, one of my favorite places to get headbands - Target!  I don't know if it's just my local Target, but along some of the sides of the aisles they have cute baby headbands for really cheap - anywhere from $1.25 to $2.50 a piece.  Or the orange one, that I bought for $5.  Great deals!  I'm not sure if they have them online, I would recommend checking your local store.

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And those are the main places I've gotten headbands for Gwen (at least the places I haven't mentioned on here before).  

Girl Moms, do your daughters where headbands?  Where are some of your favorite shops?  Please share!
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Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

Love! I've been wearing headbands on my daughter since she was a newborn too...and she's now 22 months old. She pulls them off sometimes now, but for the most part, she keeps them on. It's good, because she still doesn't have much hair lol. I actually make my daughter's headbands, bows, and clips myself :) I don't have a shop online yet, but I'm hoping to get that up soon. I'll let you know when I do!

Stephanie said...

Quite the cute little model you have there! If I ever have a girl I'll keep some of your suggestions in mind :)

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you wrote this post! Everdeen probably has two headbands haha! I've searched and searched, but just couldn't seem to find any in local stores. Online shopping it is!!

Head to Toe Chic said...

These are too cute! They would be the perfect gift for my friends baby girl :)


Sarah said...

I absolutely adore your headband style!! I make them, but primarily give them as presents just because I think they are so adorable!! Hopefully I'll have a little girl of my own one day soon!

Lauren said...

these are all so adorable! Elyse is out of the headband age, we're just into bows now...but I'm so thankful that I started early so she wouldn't mind wearing them on a regular basis!

Kate Craig said...

My favorite ones were from Target, too! I think they might be the same at the last picture. But my cousin just started selling headbands, so I think this next baby will be wearing a lot of hers! https://www.facebook.com/pages/VanElla-Bean-Designs/150448485114898

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