32/52 - Mom And Me and FMKC LinkUp

The theme for this week's linkup is Mom and Me!  So basically any posts with pictures of you and your kiddos will qualify.  I decided to cheat a little and use these pictures for my Project 52 pictures for the week and for the From My Kid's Closet linkup!  Clever of me, no?

I haven't had any good pictures taken with me and the kiddos in a while, so I had Derek take some new ones on Sunday!

DSC 6304blog

DSC 6298blog

DSC 6291blog

DSC 6285blog


Shirt: Target

Pants: I want to say Kohl's.

Shoes: Gift from my mom.  I like them because they look like Converse, but I think she got them from Walmart, which is a-okay with me!  No way I would pay full price for real Converse shoes when Wyatt will outgrow them in a couple months.

Hat:  Gymboree.  Wyatt loves wearing his hat lately, I think because it looks just like the hats his dad wears!


Dress and Bloomers: Children's Place on clearance last year!  I found out we were having a girl and I wanted to get something for her.

Bow: Target.

And we went sans shoes because I didn't have any that matched.  Shoes is on the list of things to buy for Gwen's fall wardrobe.


Dress: Target.  I bought this maxi dress at the beginning of the summer, because I loved that it had sleeves, and the top part is loose enough that it's nursing friendly!

Shoes (that you can't see): I didn't get a picture of the shoes.  But they were neon coral sandals, and they cost me $8 at Forever 21!  I think that's pretty good for shoes.

Earrings (that you can barely see): Tiny little spikes from Forever 21.

Wow, and would you believe it that Wyatt's outfit was the most complicated this week?  That's what happens when Gwen and I wear dresses, I guess.  Nice and simple!


Okay, go ahead and review the guidelines here and link up your posts below!

Also, a quick announcement - both Allison's and my schedules for the fall are looking pretty crazy, so we decided to put the linkup on hold for now.  It will most likely be back in a few months.  Thanks to everyone who has participated so far, and be sure to follow Allison's blog for future news about the linkup (and you should follow her anyway, because her blog is amazing)!


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la petite lulu said...

These are lovely shots! Your dress is gorgeous. Target here actually has really nice things (Target in Australia is a whole different story).

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

You too look great in your dresses. Beautiful. Hope you are having a great Hump day.


Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

I'm especially fond of Gwen's dress. And her name. And your dress. :)

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