Last Hoorah For Summer

 I know, I kind of dropped off the face of the blogosphere.  I took an impromptu blogging break last week.  I just read books, crossed some projects off my ever-present to-do list, and took Wyatt to the park.  Some weeks you just don't feel like blogging.  And that's okay.  The break was just what I needed.

I cannot believe that summer is almost over!  It seems like this summer went by really fast (of course it always seems that way).  For once I find myself at the end of a summer feeling like I've done everything I wanted to do this year.  Here is what we do to send the summer off with style!

1. Go to a new park.  I wanted to try to take Wyatt to a few new parks before it gets too cold out, so we'll probably do this in the fall too.  It's so hard to get a good park picture anymore, so you get a pretty flower picture instead.

2. Go to a fruit festival.   A couple of weekends ago we took a weekend camping trip across the state and went to a peach festival.  We had such a fun time - and we bought a big box of peaches to bring home!  I'm thinking I might try making peach salsa out of some of them.

3. Go swimming.  We went swimming at a hot springs pool the day after the peach festival - the kids loved it!  Wyatt loved the "boat" and wanted to carry it back and forth to the pool, and they both took turns sitting in it.  Gwen love the water, and Wyatt loved pushing Gwen around in her inner tube.  It was a lovely time!

4. Go to a rodeo or county fair.  We killed two birds with one stone and went to both at once!  I was disappointed to see they didn't have a ferris wheel this year, but Wyatt loved the rodeo - he really got into it, and kept waving at the horses and cowboys.  He was watching carefully to see if they would fall off.  Of course it was a little rainy, hence why I'm wearing a sweater.

5. Try a new recipe.  I tried a grilled watermelon recipe that I found here.  I've been wanting to grill some watermelon for a while, and it was pretty good!

6. Sit outside and enjoy the warm evening air.  I figure it's going to get cold soon, so we better enjoy being able to sit outside after dinner while we can.

7.  Stargaze.  Self explanatory, and perfect to do after enjoying the evening air on the porch!  I'm hoping Derek and I can sit outside and try to find my star again one of these nights.

8.  Drink limeade.  Limeade is such a summery drink to me.  I bought three cans and I plan to enjoy them before we hit September next week and it's officially fall.

What are some of the things you like to do to as your last hoorah for summer?

P.S. I'm also using the pictures of the kids in this post as my 33/52 and 34/52 pictures for Project 52.  So I'm all caught up now.
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Merry C. said...

I always enjoy reading your blog,so I was excited to see YOU back this morning! Looking forward to your next post! Merry

Lauren said...

so glad you were able to take a little break! and I love summer for all the yummy peaches! delicious!

Ashley said...

Oh those are some inspiring ideas! Looks like you guys have had fun! So glad you had a good summer!

Emily Powell said...

hot springs pool! that sounds so nice!

Rachel and John said...

I want to walk to the ice cream store and go hiking in the Mountains before fall rolls around. Hopefully we can do both of those this week while John is off work.

Rae said...

Wow! looks like you had such a fun summer! I love all your pictures and the kiddos are adorable!

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