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How was everyone's Labor Day weekend?  We didn't go on any trips or anything, but Derek had a long weekend too, so we pretty much just hung out and goofed off as a family.  It was lovely.

I'm having a hard time catching back up on blog posts since my little break two weeks ago, and the long weekend did not help, so today I'm just going to ramble.  Okay?  Okay.

This week I started looking at bedding for Wyatt's "big boy room".  We obviously aren't going to need the toddler bed for Gwen for a while, but I think Wyatt is ready to move to a big bed, and I want to get started on it.  So I went to my favorite place to shop - Amazon! - and looked for some bedding ideas.

At first I was thinking I might just do the duvet thing for Wyatt when we move him to the big bed, but then I spotted this quilt:

I love the idea of doing a car theme for Wyatt's room, because Wyatt loves cars right now.  I also think this bedding will grow with him nicely. I even found these other items that I think would look so fun in his room:
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Cute, right?

But then I saw this bedding.  Wyatt also likes trucks, but what I really like is how colorful this bedding is.  I could pretty much put it in any color room and it would look great.  This would be good since we may end up moving Wyatt upstairs into the current spare bedroom - which is yellow.  And I think this construction site bedding would look great with the yellow walls, and still look really boyish.

71YSu8zqiiL SL1200

I also really like this next bedding, because I have a soft spot for dinosaurs for little boys.  Unfortunately it only comes in a twin size, and the bed we have for Wyatt is a full size bed.

So really, it's between the first two bedding sets.  I'm leaning toward the construction site one because I feel like the colors will work better and be more versatile, but looking at the car bedding and decorations again has me torn because that would be really cute too!  I don't know.  I'll have to ask Derek what he thinks.

I'm trying to think about what to do for a nightstand, because the bed we have for Wyatt is also a really tall bed . . . I might have to go hunting in some Goodwills and see if I can find something that I can paint.  I like the idea of painting a nightstand or dresser dark blue for his room.

And then I want to get one of these cubby-style bookshelves from Ikea (like this one only turned on it's side).  Wyatt has way too many books to fit on that little ledge in his room anymore, and this would give me a place to store books, a place to display his piggy bank and other decorations, and I could also add colorful baskets to store little toys.
Expedit shelving unit 0092707 PE229406 S4

And of course I'll need these too, or some variation thereof.  



Maybe Derek can make Wyatt a step stool, because they are expensive!  This was one of the most reasonably priced ones I found and it was still forty bucks.

Also, I'm not really sure which color of wood I'm going with for the furniture yet, so I'm just showing the natural wood color for now - don't get hung up on that.

Those are my thoughts about Wyatt's room.  And it took so long to ramble about that, I'm about rambled out.  

Oh!  One more thing!  I took an Influence Network class about being a worship leader in your family, and the teacher was basically saying to just be intentional about sharing with your kids about Jesus and God's love. It really got my creative juices flowing on how to infuse more about Jesus into Wyatt's daily life.  

One of the things I was thinking of is that I want to find more Bible-based movies, and I ran across "Auto-B-Good" movies.  They have a faith-based series, and I totally want to order one for Wyatt!  I haven't watched them yet, but they look like they might be good.  Maybe a Christmas present?

81NDAfjx7ML SL1500

When did you/are you planning on moving your toddler to a "big" bed?  Anything I'm not thinking of for a "big boy room"?  Biblical movie suggestions for kids?  I'm all ears.  Or eyes.  Whatever.
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Emily Powell said...

I like the first bedding the best! When Georgia gets older I think I am going to do a regular quilt and shams but then have her pillow cases and sheets in whatever theme she likes so that when she changes her interest I just have to buy new sheets!

Kristy said...

We totally skipped the toddler bed and went right from a crib to a twin size bed with the guard rail on it. It has gone really, really well. The only thing that is that she loves to play with the guard rail and not go to sleep - ha :) My daughter loves the cedarmont kids music dvd's! Have you seen those? It is basically little kids singing songs - there are some just classic kids songs and some bible based songs. But she loves them SO much and I love that she is learning songs about Jesus :) It also gives me a good opportunity to explain what the different songs are about.

Taara said...

Oh my, that stop light lamp. My Lucas would go CRAZY for that! :)

Natalie said...

we just recently switched Callyn over, but only because she climbed out of her crib. her crib was convertible so we just took off one side and put a rail on. I am excited for when she moves to a real bed to pick out bedding :) those movies look really cute- thanks for the suggestion!

Alli said...

I love the big boy bedding! And going with a car theme, you can use old street signs for decorations and make it look really cool.

Rachel and John said...

We moved Henry to a double bed at 18 months. We wanted to avoid using a guard rail so we currently just have the mattress and boxspring on the floor. It's the perfect height for him to climb in and out of. He fell off it twice and didn't even cry. It just woke him up. I think teaching kids how NOT to roll out of the bed is a good idea. And I don't think they will learn with the guard rail. Love the construction bedding! I vote for a quilt because you could easily throw it in the washer if needed. Duvets are harder to clean.

Melanie said...

Love the ideas you found for Wyatt! It would be hard to choose..loved the dinosaur print one best too but like you said it wouldnt work since it didnt come in the right size. But did you check other websites?! Maybe you could find it in the right sizing? Just a thought! I need to start thinking about transitioning Makaylas bed situation too (she's still in her crib)..she did REALLY well when we were on vacation w/the inflatable toddler bed we got for her!

Caitlynne and Jared said...

We just switched Pax to a toddler bed last week ONLY because he was climbing out of the crib. I was all set to leave him in the crib forever!
We haven't even gotten big boy bedding for him yet because we were so sure he would be climbing out all the time. Now that we know he will stay in, I need to start shopping! I love your choices!
I bought those same shelves from target for about $49. I'm not sure how much the Ikea ones are because we don't have one here but the target ones are really sturdy!

LeAnna said...

My kids love the Auto B show, it comes on antenna tv here. I ordered several Bible story themed dvd's for Christmas gifts this year from - several of them I watched as a girl!
We skipped straight to the big bed, too. For Lexi we just put her mattress on the bed, not box springs. She's fallen out of it plenty of times, so I'm glad! Q has a cubby shelf from Target that we store little toys and things in on the bottom row, and bigger stuff, shoes, etc, on the top. Very functional! Not sure if you have a Pottery Barn store local, but I picked up the cutest farm truck quilt for Q at ours marked down to $60, their clearance can be really great somtimes!

Jessica and Stephan said...

Biblical movie suggestions........... VEGGIETALES!

Felicia said...

I like the car theme! That bedding is so adorable, and that traffic light lamp is fantastic.

Rae said...

I love all the ideas! And the car/truck themed set is really cute! Can't wait to see which one you pick :)

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