Just A Life Update

How about a good old life update post?

What have I been up to lately?

Chasing Around My Two Kids

Seriously, between Gwen pulling up on everything and Wyatt potty training, these two are hard to keep up with!  They are such sweethearts though, and both of them have such great personalities and senses of humor.  They brighten up all my days.


We started MOPS, and it's been good so far.  I like my group pretty well, and I'm looking forward to trying to get to know the girls better.  It's kind of weird to me to be starting over with a whole new group this year.  Last year was my first year of MOPS, so I'm still getting used to the switch.

Also, I discovered that our MOPS group has a blog!   I know!  I never even thought there might be a blog.  I emailed our director and volunteered to help out with it, but there is already someone handling it this year.  I am planning on applying for the spot next year though.  I have so many ideas for the MOPS blog running through my head even now.  I need to write them down so I can keep them fresh in my mind if I get a chance to help out next year.

Potty Training

We gave potty training a brief try in February, then I decided I wasn't ready.  And Wyatt probably is more ready now than he was then too, so I don't regret that.  However, it's been slow going, and this is pretty much all my fault.  I started potty training Wyatt again in July, but guys, we live an hour away from town.  If we have to run errands or whatever, we are pretty much gone the whole day.  I was scared about handling accidents on the go, so I would put him back in diapers for when we had to go somewhere.  I think this pretty much just confused Wyatt and set him back a bit, and I feel awful about it.  

So a couple weeks ago I just said to myself "No more diapers", and it's been going so much better ever since.  Wyatt is really starting to get it, and accidents are few and far between, so that's exciting!

Muddling Through While Derek Is Away

Derek has been traveling a lot for work.  And it pretty much stinks.  Nothing is right when he's gone - the dogs act up, the kids don't sleep, and I don't eat anything but canned soup.  I'm handling it better than last time, but I'm still ready to be done with it.  Not much else to say.

Shopping A Little Too Much

See previous post.

Scheming About Fun Stuff To Do

I really want to start a bowling night.  Why don't people bowl more?  Bowling is fun.  I was thinking to designate, say, the first Saturday of every month or something like that, as bowling night, and Derek and I will be at the bowling ally.  And we will invite friends to come and join us every month.  Kind of like our own little bowling league.  Do people even like bowling?  Do my people like bowling?  I don't know.  But I think it would be fun.  Maybe nobody would come, but if nothing else I'm pretty sure I could count on my sister, and that would still be fun.  The scheming is still in progress.

And that's about it for now . . . hopefully more interesting stuff coming soon! Derek is finally mostly done building the porch, so we have our weekends back!
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Amanda said...

I attempted to start potty training Natalie on Monday and realized VERY quickly that she was not nearly as ready as all her interest in the potty made me think she was. So, we gave up the very first day. I felt like a failure, but hey, she's really young still and I think we'll try again in the spring if she's showing more signs of readiness. Go, Wyatt!!!! Being out of diapers is a huge deal! And as for bowling night, I hope you get a lot of interest! I love bowling. Alex, not so much, which is weird because that's what we did for our first kind of "date" when I finally gave me my phone number, haha. Hang in there, friend! Canned soup is, well, easy, no-muss, and fast when you're dealing with the kids by yourself. You are so strong and a wonderful mama!!!

Kristy said...

You should share more about worked for you and Wyatt in potty training!! :)

Emily Powell said...

early walking and potty training! bless you! :)

Lauren said...

I feel like Gwen looks so much like Wyatt in that picture! Cuties. We ended up just going all in for potty training, because it was confusing. Glad it's working out!

Veronica and Daniel said...

Hooray for being almost done with the porch :)

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Wow, an hour away from town? I'm sure it comes with its downsides, but right now (considering we live smack in the middle of a densely populated peninsula, it sounds glorious to be away from all the congestion. Sorry Derek is still traveling too much!

Michelle said...

I love the new look! I would go bowling! Have a good weekend!

Kate Craig said...

Feel like doing a potty training lessons learned post? ;) I'm so at a loss right now. I haven't been able to catch her going on the potty and I just don't know how to make her understand! She just holds it until she gets off.

Jessica and Stephan said...

If I lived by you, I`d join you for bowling! I love bowling!

Meghan said...

I wish I was having as much success as you are potty training my own little buddy. It's been a rough go around here. I decided to hold off until I see more signs that he's ready. Your kiddos are as beautiful as ever! xo

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