What I Want For My Kids

"There are a lot of things I want for my kids as their mom.  I'm sure you other mamas can relate.

I hear a story about a child who was seriously injured falling off a bunk bed - I have visions of my kids tumbling down stairs and emergency trips to the hospital.  I want them to stay safe.  So I redouble my efforts to baby-proof the house. 

I watch the news and see a story about a child that was kidnapped.  I worry about my kids being around strangers when I'm not there to watch them.  I want to protect them from the world and the evil that is in it.  So I interview nursery workers and watch my kids like a hawk at the grocery store to make sure they don't wander off.

I took a couple nutrition classes in college.  I know what my kids should eat to get all those essential nutrients.  I want them to grow strong and healthy.  So I beat myself up when I can't get my son to touch a vegetable (or many fruits for that matter)...


I think all these desires for my children are good things, and all the things that we moms do for our kids to help them and give them the best start are things we should be doing.

But isn't it all exhausting sometimes?"

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Go check out the rest of my guest post on Natalie's blog!

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Lauren said...

Heading over to check out this post...sometimes I just wish I could relax and let them be a carefree kid and myself be a carefree mom...and then the next second something happens that makes me know that I HAVE to keep up my defenses, at least in some situations!

Emily Powell said...

I loved this post Callie!

Angie said...

There are days it's just beyond exhausting!!

Anonymous said...

Great reminder and encouragement! Thank you!!

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