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 Every fall and spring I feel like all I'm doing is shopping for more clothes for the kids.  Sheesh, they grow fast!  I found some cute things for them, so I thought I'd go ahead and show them off here.


You know what stinks?  I ordered a lot of these from Crazy 8 (all except the last three).  It's my favorite place to shop for Wyatt, and I've never had any trouble getting things delivered to me before.  But there was a mix-up with the post office, and they marked the package with "No Such Number" and sent it back!  Aaah!  That was two weeks ago.

So now I have to wait for it to get back to Crazy 8, so they can send it back to me again.  Apparently it can take up to 3 or 4 weeks for the clothes to get sent back.  So I don't even have those clothes for him yet.  

In the meantime, I keep having to buy Wyatt more clothes because he has nothing to wear!  The kid is growing out of things left and right.  I'm beyond frustrated, and just praying that it gets back there without being lost, because it doesn't sound like Crazy 8 will even give me a refund unless they get the package back.  I got the clothes on sale, but it wasn't that good of a sale - I can't afford to buy everything all over again.

Moving on (before I start to get depressed about it again). . .


Good 'ole Target.  You can get some good deals online, but there is nothing like the security of just leaving the store with your items.  I bought everything there except the boots (Old Navy - waiting for them to get here), and the flowered jacket (which was part of the infamous Crazy 8 package. *sigh*).

 I'm looking for some yellow leggings or jeggings for Gwen, because I feel like they would go really well with everything else I got her this year.  And they would be cute.  No luck so far.
I did order a pair of yellow pants for her from H&M, along with a sweater, but they were both huge!  She's in all 12 month stuff in other brands, so I ordered 12-18 months.  They were more the size of 2T stuff.  I know because I measured them next to Wyatt's 2T pants and shirts, and they were the same size!  I decided to just save them for next year, but it was kind of a bummer.  It makes me kind of afraid to order from them again!  I guess I know now that their kid clothes run big.

If anyone knows of any good places to buy yellow baby girl pants, I'm all ears.


I obviously don't need a whole new fall wardrobe, but I couldn't resist getting a couple things!  

The striped shirt is still coming in the mail (I shop so much more online after having two kids . . .), and I hope it fits because I've never ordered anything from H&M before (except that outfit for Gwen which was huge).  

The yellow pants are from Walmart, if you can believe it, and they're on sale for 8 bucks!  I like that. 

I was in desperate need of shoes.  Seriously, all my other flats are looking pretty ratty, so it was overdue.  

And I can't go wrong with Forever 21.  I love shopping at F21 online because they list the measurements of pretty much every part of whatever garment they're selling, so I know exactly how it's going to fit me.

I'm really into scarves this year, so I may add a couple more scarves and then I'll be set.  Though I am considering the polka dot jean trend.  I'll keep you posted.

Poor Derek is left out of this because I never know what he needs, and he's super-picky.  If he's not careful I'm going to make him go shopping with me.

Where are your favorite places to shop for kids clothes.  Or yourself for that matter?  And am I the only one who shops mostly online after kids?
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Whitney said...

Cute, cute boy clothes...sorry about your shipping mess. Hopefully, it will find it's way to your home ASAP! And I can't even look at the girl stuff without wanting a baby girl. So I'm just gonna not look! ;) Good job on the WalMart skinnies...they are so trendy and not exactly something you can wear everyday, so a good price on those is great!
I'm totally with you on the online shopping...even just after one baby. Hauling him around the mall is hard enough...I can't even imagine trying on clothes while trying to keep him content!

Ashley said...

Soo cute!! I love the styles you picked for the kids, and for you! I'm looking at a new sweater and flats too... I've actually been more inclined to shop online lately too, I don't know why exactly - I guess just being frustrated that I don't find things right away when I go shopping, and it takes way less time to browse through 3-4 stores online instead of physically going to them! I haven't bought much lately, but I've been looking at forever21 and h&m, too... and browsing kohls.com (because I kindof know how things from there fit) and hautelook.com.

Emily Powell said...

LOVE all of Gwen's sweet colorful items! The girly stuff gets me everytime! That stinks about the post office. I order basics from Crazy 8 a lot too and have never had any issues.

Emily Powell said...

AND...I'm trying to update my blogHer profile but my rss feed isn't showing up. Any tips?

Unknown said...

I've always shopped online. I just think if I can order it from the computer then why do I need to venture out?!

Rae said...

So cute! You all are going to look great this winter! I have to find some things for Jethro, he has almost out grown his closet too :)

Melanie said...

Love the style you've chose for the kids (and yourself!)! I get about 85% of Makayla's clothes through consignment sales. Its THE BEST way to shop..you get more 'bang' for buck and the clothes are like brand new (I get Crazy 8's, Gymboree, Children's Place, etc, at the sales!!)..if you ever spot one in your area I highly recommend it!

Meghan said...

This post is dangerous!!! I feel like I want to buy ever single one of the things on Gwen's list for my Emme. I am dying over the polka dotted shirt from target but online it only has 12 months and up. I may have to make a special trip to today to see if I can find it at my local store. Also, her little floral coat from Crazy 8!!!! Girl stuff is soooo much fun!

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