12 Weeks Pregnant (Baby #3)

I'm really 13.5 weeks now, but this is my 12 week pregnancy update!  Hopefully we can get all caught up after this.

So far I am feeling great!  I haven't had much nausea since I reached 8 weeks.  I think this pregnancy has been the easiest one so far as far as morning sickness goes.  The fatigue has lightened up quite a bit now that I reached my second trimester!  The only real symptoms I have right now are round ligament pain (yes, already!), occasionally feeling dizzy, and being overly emotional.

I've been paying close attention to see if I can feel any movement.  So far none, but I felt Gwen around 15 weeks, so maybe soon!

I had a 12 week doctor appointment last week, and everything looks good!  Baby's heartbeat was 155 bpm!  

My doctor did mention something about seeing how things go and thinking about inducing me toward the end of my pregnancy, since I'm so far from the hospital.  I probably won't induce though unless other factors come into play and we feel like it's the right thing to do.  They're really worried about me not making it to the hospital again.  I'm not worried.  I think I will make it if I just leave at the first sign of labor this time, instead of waiting.  And I might have to convince my mom to camp out at my house when we near the end!

I am definitely showing a bit earlier with this baby!  I think it comes from having three babies in a little over three years.  Even though I'm showing more, I feel like I am making my regular clothes last longer this time.  Most of my regular pants still button, there are just a couple pairs that I have to use a rubber band with.  Though I did splurge a few weeks ago and buy some polka dot maternity jeans!  They're cute.

I haven't gained anything yet - actually I lost a pound at my last doctor's appointment!  They gave me a talk about making sure I eat balanced meals, and I just laughed, because I am, and I am eating a lot.  I thought I was eating too much.  I took the talk as a blessing to go for that extra brownie if I want to!  Just kidding.  Kind of.

New baby gear - so far just a double stroller that I'm pretty excited about!  It's basically just a tandem umbrella stroller, but I love it because it folds down small and fits through doorways - both of which are problems with a lot of double strollers.  I got away without one between Wyatt and Gwen, but I figured I'd need one now for Gwen and the new baby.  Wyatt and Gwen are loving it right now though!  Too bad they don't make triple strollers.

I'm also looking at getting a better baby carrier since this baby will probably have to spend more time in a carrier.  Gwen hated the baby carrier, but I think this baby will just have to learn to like it.  I don't know how I'm even going to go grocery shopping otherwise.

And the other big purchase - we got a new vehicle!  More to come on that.

I've also bought a couple things for our gender reveal.  We have to do something fun for this baby since I had gender reveal parties for Wyatt and Gwen.  I have an idea of what we'll do, so stay tuned.

That's about all that is new!  Feeling great, excited about this baby, and really excited to start feeling movement!  That's my favorite part.  There is nothing quite as special about pregnancy as feeling your baby move.

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Vanessa Miller said...

Can't wait to hear about the new vehicle. We are currently searching too. Can you post a picture of that stroller all folded up? Or email it to me. That's the biggest reason we are looking for a new vehicle....we can't fit our huge double stroller in the back of our X3!

Anonymous said...

You didn't make it to the hospital last time? What! What happened??? I must hear this story...

Lauren said...

Such a fun update! You are looking wonderful...and I'd go ahead and have that extra brownie if I were you! ha!

Kate Craig said...

Oh they make triple strollers :) I doubt they fit through a doorway well though! I did a lot of research on carriers this time and ended up with a beco Gemini. From asking around on Facebook I was able to buy one used! I thunk they're one of those things that hold up well and people usually like to sell. I see myself using it a lot to take Kylie to the playground, so I wanted a nicer one that's better for my back. I'm so glad you're feeling good!

Hannah said...

You look so happy and cute! I love that sweater! I would for sure get a good baby carrier if I were you! I only have one babe and I use one a lot, especially when grocery shopping! My favorite is the Infanitno Mei Tai sash, it's amazing!

Whitney said...

OMG I totally forgot about you not making it into the hospital with Gwen! How did this not cross my mind when you said you were pregnant again?!? I'm sure your husband is going to be freaking out every time you even have a tiny Braxton Hicks or the slightest little twinge this time! :)

Brittney said...

Friend you are such a CUTE pregnant lady! I'm glad everything's going well so far and that baby has such a wonderful, strong heartbeat:) Glad you're not worried about how he/she will come into this world, too - praying for total peace over you, as God has a perfect plan! Can't wait to follow you on this new journey of yours!

Dove of Snow said...

I haven't had the chance to congratulate you yet, as I'm behind on commenting on the blogs I follow......but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I was sooooo excited for you when you first announced on here that you're expecting baby #3! Girl, you're going to have your hands fuller than full! But what a blessing, especially being a pregnancy that you didn't have to plan for really, at least not as much as the others! Hope you are feeling well, you sure look great! I agree, you should definitely have that extra brownie! :-)

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