14 Weeks Pregnant (Baby #3)

I'm 14 weeks pregnant as of Saturday! 


Not too much new this week. I'm still feeling good, just very tired because I haven't gotten as much sleep this week.  We went to a corn maze on Tuesday, and I wore a couple layers because it was cold - and my hips were killing me by the time we left.  I had sciatic nerve pain the rest of the night, which only seems to act up when I'm pregnant.  But it went away and I feel fine now!  I have also been getting round ligament pain when I walk too much - it starts earlier and earlier.

I feel like I'm starting to look more pregnant.  I bought a new bookshelf for Wyatt's big boy room (it's in the works, hopefully will be done soon!), and the store manager called one of the clerks to help me bring it to my car - and it occurred to me later that he might have done that because I am starting to look pregnant, especially right after eating.  The belly button is going to be another outy, I can already tell.  No maternity clothes yet though, all my regular pants still button.

I'm feeling like I should try to get a head start on deep-cleaning my house.  It might be nice to get it done early this time instead of stressing myself out toward the end of my pregnancy.  The kitchen is on my list for this week.  I'd especially like to get as much done as possible before we find out the gender, because I want to be able to just focus on the nursery once we know.

As for baby - he or she is 3 1/2 inches long and is exercising those facial muscles.  Thumb sucking may be happening right now!  How cute. I love thinking about my little baby, and what he/she looks like, or what he/she is doing in there.  How precious life is.

I haven't felt any movement yet, I don't think.  One day I thought maybe I had, but I'm not sure.  Hopefully soon!

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Lee Ann said...

You seem to have such a sweet spirit about you. Congratulations on your precious little life!

LeAnna said...

Round lig pain got worse and earlier with each of mine! Amazing how that works. And AMEN, life is sosososososo precious.

Veronica and Daniel said...

So this is totally not baby related - but (1) did you get your hair cut? It looks so cute :) And (2) I love those flats! perfect for fall :)

Alli said...

You are beautiful! I love the hair cut!

Leeper's said...

I love your little bump!

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