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We've done a lot of fun things with the kids over the last month, so I'  doing a little catch-up post now!  I'm also catching up on my Project 52 photos of the kids.  

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(40/52 - Eyes)


A couple weeks ago we went to the zoo!  My friend Danae has season pass, and she was sweet enough to invite us along.  We had a fun time, and Wyatt couldn't stop talking about the "El'phants and G'raffes".  Unfortunately by the time we got around to them he was so tired he didn't even noticed!  We still had a great time though, and it was a nice visit!

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Danae and her sweet daughter.

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Gwen's face!  She was in a grumpy mood, and her little friend just wanted to play with her!

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Grandma and Grandpa stopped by briefly the other night, and they played a round of "Grandpa Horse" with the kids.  Wyatt thought it was so fun!

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We took Wyatt to his first movie on October 6th!  We went to see "Planes".  I told Wyatt we were going to see an airplane movie, and so when a preview came on he bolted straight up in his chair and said "Oh no!  Airplane movie!"  We assured him it was just about to start!  I think he was a little worried there!  He did great, and loved the movie and popcorn - it was a fun memory, taking him to the movie theater for the first time.

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(41/52 - All Dressed Up)


Every year our church rents out one of our local corn mazes.  They have a lot of food, and free drinks and kettle corn, and a lot of the kid's activities are free!  It's a really fun time, and we went with my family this year.  (My sister was there too, but some of the pictures turned out blurry - argh.)  As you can probably tell by the fact that we are all bundled up, it was pretty cold!  We had a fun time though.

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My dad and Wyatt sitting on the bouncy pillow.

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My mom and Gwen.

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My brother and his wife Olivia.  And I haven't mentioned it before, but Olivia is pregnant with their first baby!  We're really excited for another sweet niece!  Olivia is due about six weeks ahead of me.


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(42/52 - Cold Fall Day)

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Michelle said...

Congrats to J and Olivia!! That's exciting! I love these pictures too, your kids are adorable.

Melanie said...

Thats so great G and W are going to have so many cousins around their age! I thought the pics turned out great..and your DOES look cold!!

Wendy said...

Aww, looks like you guys have been having tons of fun! Love all of your pictures! Your kiddos are so precious!

Kaitlin@Homemaker Design said...

Fun catch up! We took our girls to the movies for the first time too, this year - they were a bit overwhelmed at first...seeing as we only have a 22 inch tv that we pull out now and again for movies - the house sized screen was pretty much unbelievable to them! lol!! You're parents are adorable! They look like very loving grandparents! :)

Oh and I LOVE your burgundy wool coat! love! :D

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