Gwendolyn At Nine Months

Gwendolyn is 9 months old!  That is so close to a year.  She is officially an "older" baby, and I can't believe it's been that long already!

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Right now she's in 12 month size clothes - we pretty much just skipped 9 month clothes altogether.  She's in size 3 shoes, and size 3 diapers.  We're not doing cloth diapers at the moment because she has a horrible diaper rash that I need to talk to her doctor about when I take her in for her 9 month appointment.  I'm also very curious to see how much she weighs now!

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This has been an exciting month for Miss Gwen. On September 2nd Gwen pulled up to her knees by herself!  Then just a couple weeks later, on September 17th, I came upstairs from putting Wyatt down for a nap.  I had the baby gate closed, and when I came up Gwen was standing up against the baby gate, just bawling her little eyes out!  I think she pulled to her feet and didn't know how to get back down!

 Since then she's gotten very good at getting up and down against all of our furniture though.  She's not really taking steps yet, but she loves standing (while she's holding onto something).  She looks so proud of herself when she pulls up on something.

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She has also started crawling on all fours more instead of doing her inchworm/lunge crawl.  I think the lunge crawl is on the way out.  This makes me slightly sad, but I'm glad she's learning so many new things!  

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For months Gwen has been eyeing our food whenever we sit down to eat.  She'll reach for our plates, and sometimes she watches us eat and makes a chewing motion with her mouth.  This month I started giving her more things that she can actually gnaw on, like mum mums (rice cookies), and puffs.  She loves it.  I think she feels like such a big girl when she is eating more chewable food.

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(Ignore the food smudge on the Bumbo that I clearly did not take time to clean off . . .)

She is also talking a lot more this month.  She has a lot of consonant noises now, and it's fun because she tries to copy some of the noises we make.  I taught her to say "mama" a couple months back - I'm not quite sure if she associates it with me or not, but when she's upset and she sees me she'll cry "momomomom".  Or when she is happy she'll sigh and then say "momomomom".  I love it.  Derek taught her to say "dada" the other day though, and she got it immediately - and now I have a hard time getting her to say "mama"!  Derek was just humming/singing a song to her the other day, and she started to copy the noises he was making then too.  She's definitely becoming more vocal.

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She lets us know when she's not happy - she knows how to screech.  She sometimes gives this "I'm-being-dramatic" cry, and it sounds like she's rolling her tongue while she's crying, like a vibrating noise.  The other day my dad said it was her Chewbacca cry, and I realized that's exactly what it sounds like!  It's super cute.  Ever since then when she cries like that Derek and I secretly smile at each other, because it's so funny and so Gwen.

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She is very into her toys right now.  Unfortunately she also gravitates toward anything Wyatt is currently playing with.  We're practicing sharing.

Everything, and I mean everything, goes straight into her mouth.  Wyatt's plastic toy animals?  Mouth.  Dog chew toys?  Mouth.  My necklace?  Teething toy.  Dog food?  She thinks it's people food (I've had to remember to put it up every morning or she'll eat it!).  Piece of lint?  Yummy.  I have to watch her like a hawk.  I do not remember Wyatt trying to eat everything like this girl does.

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I am happy to report that she has gotten past the wake-up-evey-two-hours phase that we suffered through last month!  I still cannot figure out what caused her to sleep so horribly.  I am just glad we're over it, and praying that she'll stay with more solid sleeping habits!  She's waking up once a night now, which is so much better.  No way am I complaining about that!

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No teeth yet.  I thought for sure a tooth was about to pop through when she wouldn't sleep all those nights, but there's nothing.  I'm just enjoying her gummy smile while it lasts!  I love gummy baby smiles, and Gwen gives huge ones!

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(This picture is blurry, but I loved her smile in it too much to not include it.)

Her personality is just so cute.  I love how she's getting to the point where she'll play with me and laugh with me.  She loves peekaboo right now!  Her new thing this month has been shaking her head back and forth (like to say "no"), and then stopping and waiting for me to laugh.  I think she's doing it on purpose to make me laugh, and it's so cute!  She loves to be dipped upside down, and she cracks up laughing!  She grins when I tilt her upside down and kiss her chin. Her newest thing is making a clicking noise with her tongue (another things Derek taught her), and she thinks it's so fun when you do it back.

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DSC 7874blog

She's been giving me more baby kisses this month.  She loves to play with Wyatt.  This sounds awful, but she and Wyatt will throw their heads back against their car seats and then laugh at each other when they do it.  There is nothing I like more than hearing my babies giggling together from the back seat!  I love this age.

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My Beautiful Gwendolyn,

You are such a joy, Gwen Girl!  I can't believe you are getting so close to a year old!  You are growing so fast.

This month with you has just been fun.  

Daddy loves it when he picks you up, because you will put your hand on his shoulder and pat him with your hand.  It's so sweet.  You love your dad and I can definitely tell that you sleep better when he's home.

I love how you always have a smile for me, and how content you are just to sit or stand near me and play.  But you light up when I tickle you, or kiss you, or talk to you.  You just love our one-on-one, face-to-face time. I love it too.  You are so precious.

You've never been one to sleep in my arms much, but you've fallen asleep with me on the couch a few times this month.  I love feeling your little breaths going in and out.  You tuck your feet in and you just look so peaceful.

In one of the Anne of Green Gables books, Anne's mother writes that she loves her baby best when she's sleeping, and even better when she's awake.  That's how I feel too.  I love you awake, asleep, happy, crying, and everything in between.

Love you always, Sweet Girl.

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Sarah said...

Gwen is adorable!! I love her cheeks!!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

She looks so much like you this month! Happy Nine months!

Lauren said...

beautiful baby girl! love how expressive she is!

Emily Powell said...

I love a good gummy smile! Where did you get that yellow stiped skirt? I just LOVE it!

Amanda said...

She is getting so big! What a happy girl! The Chewbaca cry cracked me up! And I totally feel you on the whole putting-everything-in-her-mouth thing. Natalie is still the same way and it's awful! On the bright side, I think it has boosted her immune system because the kid has only been sick once in almost 2 years!

Hannah said...

She's getting so big! She's so cute! How fun that she is really starting to talk... Or at lest say mama and dada (the important words :)! She sounds just like my munchkin, everything goes into his mouth!

Alli said...

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! I can't believe how big she's getting...this also means that Bug is 9 months new this month too!! They're growing up way too fast!!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!! Our girls have much in common! It's amazing how their personalities shine through more and more every day. So glad you are finally getting some rest :) I also love your letter to her!

Melanie said...

She's so cute!! Glad she's sleeping better now too!

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