Gwendolyn At Ten Months

Miss Gwen is 10 months old!  That last month seemed to go by really fast . . .

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Lots of exciting stuff this month:

-Gwen started to "cruise" along furniture a little bit.

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(Not along furniture, but she gets around the floor pretty good too!)

-Gwen started saying the word "hi".  I know it's intentional, because she only makes that noise when someone is looking at her, or in response to someone else saying "hi" to her.  It's adorable!  She still says "mama" and "dada" too, but I can really tell "hi" is intentional (I'm not always sure about the other two).

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-She is sleeping much better.  This is exciting to me!  She actually slept 9 hours the other night.  In a row.  It was magnificent.

-This is technically in her next month, but on the 28th, she got her first tooth!  It's so weird, because I checked her gums the day before and there was nothing, and then I checked them on the 28th, and there they were!  Actually both the bottom teeth came in at the exact same time.  After months, and months of chewing on things, crying for no reason, and random, mild teething fevers, her teeth are in!  I'll miss her gummy smile, but I also can't wait to see her little grin with two little teeth showing.

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I'm not sure if I put this in her 9 month update, so I'll put it here - Gwen is about 18 pounds now (47%), and 28 3/4 inches long (85%).  Long and skinny.  Head circumference is 17 1/2 inches (65%).  She is in size 3 diapers (still haven't gone back to cloth because of that horrible rash), 12 month clothes, and size 3 shoes.  

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We've been working on learning "no", and she's actually doing really well - I'll tell her no when she is about to touch something she shouldn't or crawl somewhere she shouldn't, and she'll usually stop.  Sometimes I have to intervene, but I think this is good practice.

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She and Wyatt still have a great relationship (except the occasional tension on sharing toys), and Gwen loves her big brother.  She is always watching him to see what he's doing, smiling at him, or climbing on him (which he thinks is funny).  He's always watching her too, and making sure we don't forget her when we go places.  He likes to make her laugh, and then he laughs too and asks "Is that funny Gwen?"  Gwen also copies things Wyatt does - she already knows how to play with cars.  The other day I even caught her driving Wyatt's truck and making a "rooooom" truck sound!  Poor child needs some girls to play with, but I love that she wants to copy her big brother.  It's adorable.

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(43/52 - Tent)

Peekaboo is still tons of fun, and she loves to give and receive kisses.  Anytime she gets attention she's happy.  Being held upside down is also one of her favorite things!  If you want to make her smile, just tip her upside down and she's all giggles!  

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The other week at the corn maze my dad was winking at Gwen, and she was trying so hard to wink back!  It ended up being more of a blink/eyelid flutter, and it was so cute!  Ever since then if she's really excited or happy about something she does that same blink/flutter.  I love it!

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She has disowned pureed baby foods, and really only wants finger foods now.  Green beans cut up into pieces are her favorite.  She ate a whole can of green beans in one day a couple weeks ago!  She also likes carrot pieces and toast torn up.  I've been too chicken to try dairy yet, but we may do little chunks of cheese in the next month or so.

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She loves bath time and gets upset when I take her out of the bathtub.  Our bedtime routine is really short - basically I give her a bottle, take her to her room and pray with her, attempt to sing her a song (she usually laughs at me or ignores me - she's just not a very musical baby, at least not right now), then I lay her down and give her a blanket.  She grabs onto the blanket with both fists, pulls it up under her chin, and sticks her thumb in her mouth with the blanket touching her face.  She won't go to sleep without it.  I think she might have picked up the blanket habit from Wyatt, and It's so cute!  By the middle of the night it's been discarded, but she'll go right down as long as she has her blanket.

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My Sweet Miss Gwen,

You are such a little doll!  I still can't get over aha t a gorgeous little baby you are.  Your hair has started to curl the longer it gets, and I love how it curls around your ears and neck.  You are so fun.  I think you would be thrilled if I could just sit and start at you and talk to you all day and I wish I could.  Your face lights up whenever we have some time with just you and me, and I love it.  I love seeing your little grin.  

I'll play with you by turning you upside down and kissing your cheeks and chin, and sometimes when I bring you right-side up again you grab my hair and give my a slobbery baby kiss back.  It's my favorite.

I still get up with you about once a night.  Usually I'll give you a bottle, change your diaper, and then just set you down on the floor and lay down and stare at you.  You stare right back at me while you are eating.  The other night when you decided you were done with your bottle you just set it aside, turned over toward me, stuck your thumb in your mouth, and you were instantly asleep.  I don't think you even woke up when I picked you up to put you back in your crib a few minutes later.  It sounds so simple to type it out, but I just fell in love with you a little more right then.  You were so relaxed and content to be right there next to me.  So peaceful.  

You melt my heart every single day, Sweet Baby.  I love you!


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Kate Craig said...

Hi was Kylie's first word, too. I can't believe she's listening to no! I love that sparkly shirt.

Amber said...

That's too funny about the upside down thing...Charlotte is the exact same way!! I've never known another baby like that! She is so stinking cute. She and Wyatt really look alike the older she gets. Can't believe she's 10 months already!!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

She's adorable!!

BTW, you won my giveaway for the Dr. Leman book on my blog! :)

Lauren said...

she is seriously so precious! LOVE all her little outfits!

Melanie said...

Yay for that 9 hour sleep stretch!! For some reason she's starting to remind me more of Wyatt now too! And I love those skinny jeans..I just got a pair for favorite thing to dress her in now!

The Life Of Faith said...

She is too sweet! I love how close in age she and Kaleigh are :) Hopefully she gets those teeth in for you soon...that's not a fun process!

Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

Little miss Gwen is too sweet! I'm dying over all of her cute headbands and outfits!

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