The Ways We Announced This Pregnancy

 Like I mentioned before, we decided to keep this baby our little secret for a little while before telling our families.  With Wyatt I made it all of a day before I spilled the beans.  With Gwen, we made it two weeks.  This time we made it over a month!  

It was hard.  I tell my mom almost everything, so to keep it a secret from her that long was difficult.  I thought for sure she would figure it out after I said some (in my mind) suspicious things, but I think we succeeded in surprising everyone when we finally did tell them!  

Thankfully I tend to wear flowy, voluminous type shirts regularly anyway, and no one thought we were trying yet.  Plus my nausea was really minimal, so there was nothing like that to tip them off.

We really wanted to surprise everyone, so we tried to think up a couple creative ways to tell them aside from just saying "I'm pregnant".  It was fun to do something a little different!


1. Picture on a playing card.

To tell my family we invited them over for a dinner and game night.  Before they came, Derek and I sneakily glued the pumpkin pregnancy picture to one of our Apples to Apples game cards.  Part way through the game Derek passed the announcement card to my dad.  He wasn't sure what it was at first, but once he looked closer at the picture he got it right away!  Everyone was really surprised.  I don't think they were expecting it at all!

DSC 7706editblog

We did something really similar with Derek's mom and dad, but instead of Apples to Apples we played rummy.  It took a minute to figure it out, but once they did they were so excited for us!

2. Crossword puzzle.

For some of our extended family and long-distance friends, I created a crossword puzzle saying "Coming next spring, Baby number three!"  Then I glued them to little cards, wrote a quick note saying to call us when they figured it out, and sent them out in the mail.  

DSC 7705blog copy

The reactions ranged from knowing right away what was going on, to thinking it was a party invitation at first, to taking a few days to figure it out (that was mostly due to some confusion with who had sent the card!).  It was really fun to hear everyone's stories of what they thought about it, especially since we couldn't be there in person!

3.  Hiding clues on my blog.

For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, I did, in fact, hide clues on the blog before I actually announced that we were pregnant!  I did that last time with Gwen, and it was really fun for me (and I hope for you too), so I thought I'd do it again.  One of my friends found the clues without me having to say anything, and then I gave a hint on Instagram and several more of you figured it out!

Screen Shot 2013 10 09 at 8 35 23 PM

(The picture I used to give a hint on Instagram last Friday.  See, if you don't follow me you're missing out!  Except I think I need a new iPhone so I can take better pictures.  My 4 just isn't cutting it.)

I'm still not going to tell you the answer here, because . . . I'm doing a fall giveaway tomorrow!  Just for fun and to celebrate Babykins the Third.  But finding the clues will give you major extra entries to the giveaway, so all I'm going to tell you for now is that the clues are in these three posts:

I will say that I think the clues are way easier to find this time than they were last time, and they are in the text of those posts. So if you want to get a head start on the giveaway tomorrow, go see if you can figure it out!


It's a little up in the air as to whether this will be our last baby or not.  You all know I want one more, but since Derek has a say in this too I thought I'd better do all of the fun announcements now, just in case!  

I have a couple more ideas that we didn't use though.  I'm saving them for my potential Baby #4.  I think I might still be able to talk him into one more!
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Jessica Elyse @ Memoirs of a Mommy said...

I love the game idea! So creative.

Hannah said...

What a fun way to tell your family! :) We told our small group while playing a game too, it was so much fun! No one was expecting it!

Anonymous said...

Sneaky! I completely missed your clues until your instagram post :)

Lauren said...

these are all such great ideas...especially the Apples to Apples game! I'm already scheming of how to tell when and if Baby #2 comes along!

Unknown said...

Will you be finding out the sex Callie? It'll be fun for you to have a surprise! :)

Tiffany said...

so cute! can you provide some more info or a more detailed pic of your crossword puzzle. Looking for ways to announce #3 too and thought this was great!

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