Then God Decided To Surprise Me

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Thank you all so much for all the congratulations yesterday!  We are all so excited about our new little baby, and you all made me feel so loved by being excited with us!  

Here's the story of how Baby #3 came to be.

As most of you know, it took some trying for Derek and I to get pregnant with Wyatt and Gwen.  My cycles just don't like to function properly.  For Wyatt it took 11 months for me to ovulate.  Then even though my cycles came right back after I weaned him, it took us 8 months to get pregnant with Gwen because of a luteal phase defect.  I've had some fertility issues in the past.

I weaned Gwen around July 7th or 8th, but I felt like my cycles weren't going to come back right away.  Derek and I had talked about it and decided to start trying for Baby #3 in November, and I was hoping my cycles would return before then.  I was already expecting it to take at least 6 months of trying for us to get everything back on track and figure out what we needed to do this time to get pregnant, based on our previous trying-to-conceive experiences.  It's always taken some strategizing for us to get pregnant.

I have to admit to getting a little bit of baby fever around the middle of July though.  I don't know why, but it seems like everyone starts announcing pregnancies or giving birth to sweet, squishy little newborns when I'm no longer pregnant!  Then when I am pregnant, the announcements die down.  I love being pregnant, so all the recent pregnancy announcements were starting to get to me.  I was laughing at myself for getting baby fever too early and I just kept thinking about November.

After weaning Gwen, I was watching my signs carefully, waiting for my cycles to come back.  About 2 weeks after I weaned her I though I might be getting close to ovulating, but it ended up being a false alarm, because there was no temperature shift.  Then my other fertility signs went completely away, and I just assumed my body was going to take longer to get back to normal, though I kept taking my temperature to track things.

  (If you have no idea what I'm talking about with all this temperature stuff, you should read these posts I wrote a few years ago, but be prepared for TMI.  I'm talking about women's cycles here, after all, but if you are a woman you should probably be aware.  Public service announcement of the day.)

About a week after all my ovulation symptoms disappeared, my temperature went up, then kind of down, then back up again, and just did some wacky things.  Now, when we were trying for Wyatt my temperature was all over the place, and I was not ovulating.  When I weaned Wyatt and we started trying for Gwen, my temperature did some weird things that cycle too, so I wasn't really sure what was going on at first.  However, I just had this feeling that I might have ovulated.  The temperatures did have a general upward shift, even though they were all over the place.  There was no way to be sure except to wait the two weeks, so that's what I did.

It crossed my mind that I could have gotten pregnant, but I thought it was unlikely.  Not only were things not even close to being perfect for conception (in the past everything has had to be perfect for me to get pregnant), but we were not actively trying and had taken certain precautions.  However we weren't exactly being super careful, so I knew the possibility was there.  I just thought it was very improbable, considering my history.

But then weird things started happening.  That week after I ovulated, I suddenly felt extremely tired.  Like I was going to die if I didn't get some sleep.  This was also the same week Gwen started waking up a lot, so I chalked it up to that, but I still thought my fatigue was a little excessive, even with her not sleeping well.  It took me by surprise because I didn't remember ever feeling that way after ovulating before, but I knew it was way too early for pregnancy symptoms even if that's what it was, so I just dismissed it.

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(Me, pregnant without knowing it, holding the big sister.)

However, the next week my chest started hurting.  Just little twinges here and there, but that was really unusual to me.  My chest is never tender, except when I'm pregnant.  That is not one of my PMS symptoms.

It was so odd to me that after a couple days I pulled out one of my dollar store pregnancy tests and took it.  Negative.  So I let myself get a Venti mocha (non-decaf).

Still, a little voice kept telling me to make sure my bath water wasn't too hot and to watch the ingredients in my tea, just in case.

A couple days later things got even more weird.  I saw an empty root beer bottle in the back of my mom's car, and suddenly I just had to have a root beer.  I made Derek go buy me one.  I felt like I had to visit the bathroom during the day way more than usual.  My lower back started to hurt (which isn't necessarily a pregnancy symptom, but it was unusual for me).  Then that night I woke up feeling famished.  I almost went upstairs to get a snack but I tried to just go back to sleep instead.

(The announcement photos . . .)

DSC 7381blog
 (A behind-the-scenes shot of our pumpkin photo shoot.  The kids only lasted so long!  I promise Wyatt really is happy about his little brother or sister, despite the facial expression here!)

I tell you, I have never had a two week wait with more symptoms - not even when I was pregnant with Wyatt and Gwen!  It was just bizarre to me.  I even wrote a post on my private baby blog, wondering if I was going crazy.

The next day would be 14 days past ovulation, so I knew something would show one way or another, and I decided to take a pregnancy test.  I was really expecting it to be negative, and then I thought I could expect Aunt Flow later that day.  I think a little part of me knew I was pregnant, but part of me just didn't think it could possibly be that easy, especially when so many factors weren't in line with us getting pregnant.

I held it in all night (even though I really had to go).  After I woke up I headed to the bathroom, caught the urine in a cup (because that's how my cheap tests work), and grabbed the little dropper and deposited four drops into the well.

And I waited.  I looked at it again a minute later, and it looked pretty negative to me, so I thought I should probably just expect to start soon.  Then I took another look at it a minute later.  And I squinted. And I brought it closer to the light.  Was that a line?  It looked like a little smudge, a very light shadow right where I expected the line to be.

I tried to convince myself that it was probably still a negative and that I was just seeing a smudge.  But I had started to shake just a little bit.  The words "intensity of lines may vary", from the box of the cheapy kept replaying in my mind.

What to do now?  I had another generic test from Target in the cupboard - a not-quite-so-cheapy. I could just wait to get my period since the first test was most likely a negative, and then if I didn't get it by Monday I could take the test.  Or I could take it today, and then if it was negative I could just buy some more tests, wait for my Aunt Flow to come, and then if it didn't come by Monday test again.

I ran over my options in my head several times, even though I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to take that test.

So I pulled it out of the cupboard, hands shaking a little, and read the directions (because I always do, even though I've taken tons of pregnancy tests).  I used my handy-dandy cup of urine (I tell you, I am never peeing directly on the stick again), and took the other test.

Normally when I take these tests, I make myself not look at it for the full 2-3 minutes, and then look.  But not today.  I sat there and stared at the results window.

At first I thought it was going to be negative.  The color in the window looked pretty even.

But then a very faint line started to show, and I watched it get darker and darker.

Until I was left there staring at a test with TWO very clear lines!  Albeit one fainter than the other.

I just sat there, and grinned, and whispered "Oh my gosh, I'm pregnant".  I breathed a prayer of thanks to God for letting me get pregnant!  And so easily!

Of course, I couldn't just let it be, so I grabbed one of the Clearblue digital tests that I had bought that week on a whim, and I took that one too.  And that blessed word "pregnant" flashed on the screen!

DSC 6416blog
(My first set of pregnancy tests.  Only three of many.) 

I was in shock a little bit.  I was pregnant!  With a surprise baby!  I never in my life thought I'd have a surprise baby!

I hurried and got ready for the day, put on my makeup, got dressed, and went outside to find Derek (he was working on the porch).  I said "Babe?" and he pulled his headphones out of his ears.

I think at first he thought I wanted him to do something, but I said "So you know how I've been so tired lately?"  And he said "Yeah?" with a little suspicion.  Then I pulled the test from behind my back and said "I'm pregnant!" And he said "Whaaat?" In a good way!  

His next words were "No way . . . How?" and I said I didn't know!  (I.e. I didn't know how we got pregnant considering it was so unlikely at that time.  We do know how babies are made!)  I said that I guess God wanted us to get pregnant!  And we laughed and went over everything.  I, of course, was grinning and Derek was too.  I asked him if he was happy and he said that he was.

We are both so happy!

DSC 7436blog
(I took this picture of Derek with our little pumpkin because I didn't like that he was being left out of the announcement shots.)

I went into the doctor the next Monday to get my blood drawn (at my request).  Since my progesterone was low with Gwen  wanted to make sure that wasn't happening with this baby.  My progesterone came back borderline, so my doctor put me on supplements, which I'm working off of now.  

My HCG came back at 439.  Anything under 1000 and they want you to come back in two days to makes sure your HCG is doubling, which kind of freaked me out a little bit.  I knew the lines on the tests were lighter than any of my other positives ever were, and I had my blood drawn on the same day in my pregnancy with Gwen and they were already at 1400, so I was nervous.  I so wanted everything to be okay with this baby.  I've had to give this baby and my cares over to the Lord a lot this pregnancy and trust Him to take care of this little life He has given me.  But my numbers came back at 962 - more than doubled, so everything was fine! Worrying is so useless, but it's so hard not to do.

On September 13th, when I was almost 9 weeks, we had our first ultrasound.  I was so happy because Derek was able to make it back in time to come with me!  We saw our beautiful little baby, with a nice strong heartbeat at 173, and measuring right on track!  We were able to go out to dinner afterward, and it was such a nice date after our big ultrasound!

We decided to keep it our little secret for a while this time around, just for fun.  A post is coming on how we told our families!

It seemed surreal for a long time that I was actually pregnant!  I'm not sure it really sunk in for a few weeks.  Things just seemed so easy.  It's never been easy. 

Yet here we are with this beautiful surprise!  

I think it's funny how the Lord seems to like to surprise us.  Just when we think we've got something figured out, He decides to do the unexpected.  When people would ask us about future kids, I kept telling people that I was expecting it to take a while to get pregnant with our third, but maybe God would surprise me.  And He did!  Even more than I thought since we weren't even trying and I really didn't think it was really possible.  But everything is possible with God, and He is the Author of Life.  He decides when it starts, and He can allow a baby to be conceived even when all other earthly knowledge would say it can't happen.  He is the Worker of miracles - and babies are miracles.  Every one of them.

I can't wait to meet my next little miracle!

P.S.  Lauren pointed out yesterday that April 20, 2014 (my due date) is also Easter Sunday!  How cool is that?  Believe it or not, I did not realize that day was also Easter until she told me!  I'm 12.5 weeks pregnant now.

P.P.S. Check back tomorrow for a belly picture catch-up!

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Vanessa Miller said...

This is amazing! I'm the same way with baby fever. Seeing so many ladies making baby announcements gives me the fever and I have s newborn! Congrats again!

Rachel said...

This is all so exciting! How amazing that you can really see the Lord's will in this. Yey! So looking forward to lots more baby posts!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Look at that little miracle!! So precious. :)

Whitney said...

I love, love, LOVE that God gave you guys a surprise baby! Congratulations! :)

Melanie said...

What an amazing story! I've always said..if God intends any one of us (woman) to get doesn't matter what precautions we take or how our body is behaving..if its meant to be than it will be! Congrats again!! Enjoyed reading the story of how it all came about!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

So excited for you!

~M~ said...

Such wonderful news!

Allison Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your little surprise! Isn't amazing how God works and constantly keeps us on our toes? Okay...I may have baby fever now-)

Kate Craig said...

When I saw the title of this post I thought "oh my!" Because 3 under 3 or 4 (?) sounds huge to me! But I'm glad God prepared you with some baby fever and plans to try soon before surprising you! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

I love it and I love how God chooses the timing no matter what we think needs to happen first :-) I can relate to this a lot and I really enjoyed reading about your process of finding out :) I can't wait for belly pictures!!

Brittney said...

God is SO good!!! What a precious little blessing! Love how His plans are perfect and I agree, I think He absolutely delights in surprising us:) Incredibly happy for you and your sweet family! Congratulations!!!

Diana Hill said...

What a great story!! I love it when the Lord does things to make sure we know he is in control!! I am very excited for you!

Amy said...

What a great story. It's very similar to our second pregnancy (which I am in currently at 10 weeks). It took us a year and a round of Clomid to get pregnant with our first (we found out that I wasn't ovulating). So I figured it would be the same this time around. I went off the pill mid summer, thinking I would let my body adjust again and we'd start trying in a few months, I really figured I'd have to take Clomid again to get pregnant. I was shocked and so happy to be pregnant after just 2 months off the pill and not really even "trying". God is so amazing!

Jenni Lynn said...

what a wonderful stories, got me choke up a bit. I love how God surprises us with some of the greatest blessings.

Amanda said...

Such a fun story. It is impossible to wait to take a pregnancy test, I tell you! I would have a grand plan to wait until a certain day and then just couldn't wait any more and had to take one right then. And I craved root beer with Natalie (I usually very rarely drink soda). So exciting and so happy for you!!!

la petite lulu said...

Ohhh! Wonderful news - biggest congratulations! I missed your announcement yesterday but I have to say - super cute :) Hope you are feeling well :)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I am so excited for you and your little miracle (:

Felicia said...

That's such a cool story, Callie! God really had a surprise for you, didn't He? So wonderful :)

Jessica and Stephan said...

I missed that post, CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for both of you, and wish you the best for baby #3!

PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE Wyatt's expression in that one photo, hilarious! That's one to frame!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Oh my gosh, congratulations Callie!! I absolutely loved this story, now you are giving me Baby fever!

Amanda said...

Wow, Callie!! So happy for you.

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Congratulations, Callie! What a blessing to not have to worry and plot and plan this time around! I can't think of a better surprise!

Jessica Whitman-Horton said...

God is so good!! So excited for you Callie!!

Anonymous said...

YESSSS!!! I guessed after your instagram post! *teehee* SO excited for you lady!!

Anonymous said...

I guess this is the best kind of surprise ever! :) *Hug!*

HickChickBritt said...

That is amazing! How wonderful and congrats.

Kaitlin@Homemaker Design said...

Hello! My sister-in-law is Stephanie over at Thirsty Soul - and every so often I pop in, from her site, to check out your blog! :) And I was very happy for you to see that you are expecting your third baby!! Congratulations!! But I was surprised and had to kinda laugh - because right before coming over here - I just published a post about the surprise of expecting our fourth little! I too have a crazy cycle and we never know, if or when we will have children - the doctors even told us when we were first married that they didn't know if I even ovulated! But I also laughed because I too, used the dollar store test and it had a faint line and well...a lot of your story just was very relatable! Anyways - I'm also about as far along as you - (the whole crazy cycle thing - I can go 80 day and it mean I often don't realize it until I'm at least 8 or more weeks along) I'm just waiting on an ultrasound to get my dates. Blessings to you and your lovely family!! I'll pop back in to see how you are all doing! ☼

Mandi Richards said...

What a blessing! We have been pregnant twice, both took four cycles of very specific trying. The second pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 10 weeks back in October and we've been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant again since. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I understand how it feels to think you'll always have to try, try, try to get pregnant and I would be so thrilled with a surprise baby! Congratulations!!!

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