18 Weeks Pregnant (Baby #3)

 I am now 18 weeks pregnant!  


This will probably be posted a little later in the morning because we moved Mr. Wyatt up to his big boy room last night.  It was quite the adjustment for the poor guy, so I ended up sitting in there with him for an hour - and he still cried when I left.  It makes me feel horrible, but his old room has pretty much been dismantled, so we had to move him. Anyway, obviously getting Wyatt settled was more important, so I'm just finishing this post in the morning instead.

Baby has been moving more again this past week, which makes me feel good!  The movement has slowed down for a while there and made me wonder if everything was okay, but then it started up again.  Still can't feel it from the outside, but maybe soon!

We've been working on deep cleaning the house this past week - well, actually it's mostly been Derek working on it.  He likes the house deep cleaned a certain way, and honestly he does do a better job than I do of it!  For everyday cleaning I beat him, but for deep cleaning, he's the go-to guy in this house.  So anyway, all we really have left is the floors.  I'm hoping to get them done before our party in a couple weeks!

Speaking of party, the gender reveal party is in the works!  I was attempting to keep our gender reveal a little smaller this time, but then I felt like I didn't want to leave anyone out that we invited for our other two parties - so a full-blown party it is.  I'll post a few more details over the next couple weeks, but our party is officially set for December 7th! We find out the gender on the 3rd, so I'll have three days to keep it quiet.  I'm pretty excited to find out!  This is the tie-breaker baby.

Purchases made - just stuff for the party, plus I bought a new baby carrier!  Well, actually two.  The carrier I had with Wyatt broke early on with Gwen, and I just got a cheap carrier that I don't like very much to replace it, so I knew I needed a new carrier.  I couldn't make up my mind between a Bijorn or an Ergo, so I got a Bijorn brand-new at a consignment shop for $30, and then I got a knock-off Ergo on Amazon for $14.  I'm pretty excited about this because I'll get to test both of them out, and I think they'll both be good for different circumstances.  The Bijorn I can use when baby is small (and ergonomics for baby's hips really only become an issue in some cases once baby gets bigger, according to my research), and then I have the Ergo knock-off once baby is big enough to use it (since it works better for infants over 4 months and I don't have a newborn insert).  I tried out the Ergo knock-off with Gwen, just to make sure all the buckles were sturdy since that seemed to be a concern with the reviews, and I liked it!  I'm glad I'll have a nicer carrier for this baby since they'll probably have to be in a carrier more when we're out and about.


(From Instagram.)

I'm still feeling great, just some back pain here and there, and some weird pressure and pain down low.  Usually that doesn't start until the third trimester for me, so it's been a little disconcerting to be feeling that way so early this time, but everything seems to be fine so I'm not too worried.  Probably just ligaments stretching.  I've been feeling a little tired again over the last week, but that comes and goes.  No real cravings!  The belly button is already an outie!

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Unknown said...

I love the Ergo, but my G would get too hot in the infant insert. I was so thankful for a friend's hand-me-down Bjorn! We used that until G was big enough to fit in the Ergo without an insert.

Susannah said...

A gender reveal party sounds like so much fun!!! And thanks for sharing about the knock off ergo! That's great to know about cause Ergos are PRICY!

Natalie said...

You are so cute! I can't believe you are already almost half way! Seems like this pregnancy is flying by. I can't wait to hear what you're having!

Anonymous said...

You look great momma! I'm loving the graphics you've been making for the various weeks, too fun!

Meghan said...

These posts are making me want to jump right in and try for #3 too! So exciting Callie. This is my favorite time of year to be pregnant. So many things to be thankful for and celebrate. You look great Callie. I'm glad everything is going well.

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

So cute! Love the little bump, you are such a beautiful preggo momma!

Lauren said...

I think we need to try out the Ergo next time around--we just weren't huge fans of the Baby Bjorn we had.

Inspired said...

Love the mustard yellow on you! And I can't wait to see gender reveal details. :-D

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