Charlie The Horse

I look up to my grandma in a lot of ways, big and small.  She is a wonderful, godly woman, and I'm so blessed that she is in my life!  

One of the little things about her that has always impressed me is that she can come up with a rhyme about almost anything.  And when I say she comes up with rhymes, I mean she makes them up on the spot!  

I always remember her making up little songs to sing about each of us grandkids when we would go spend the night with her growing up, or she would come up with rhymes about the things that we were doing together.  Now she does it for my kids!  It is so fun, and I could never figure out how she always came up with such great rhymes without even planning it out beforehand!

When I mentioned to a few people that Wyatt asks me for random bedtime songs (ie. "tree song", "car song", "train song", "bird song"), it was suggested to me that I should just make a song up when he asked for a song about this-or-that.  I brushed it off and said there is no way I could come up with a decent song on the spot.

For some reason though, last night when Wyatt asked for a "horse song", I decided to give it a go.  This is the song I sang to him (with Derek laughing hard in the background with each line I sang)!


There you go my friends!  A Callie Nicole original.  Please do not republish or redistribute in any way without express permission from the author.

In all seriousness though, I shocked myself!  I came up with a song that not only rhymed but made sense!  And right on the spot!  Excuse me while I pat myself on the back.  Maybe some of my grandma's rhyming ability rubbed off on me after all.


This post is part of a new Friday series I'm starting, in which I'm going to try to bring a little more of my "real life" back to the blog. Real life stories, real life happenings, real life struggles, real life lessons. Because these are the things my kids will want to read someday, and these are the things I will want to remember.
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Lauren said...

adorable! I love it how sometimes our brains just come up with the right words at the right times!

Amanda said...

Haha! So cute! Good job, Mama! You're carrying on your Grandma's legacy and someday your kids will carry it on, too. Love that!

Kenzie Smith said...

Aw that is cute! I've never tried making up songs on the spot like that - how fun!

Melanie said...

awww its so cute!! and i had to laugh..charlie horse..thats too funny!

Veronica and Daniel said...

Love the real life story :) Cant wait to read more! The other week my boss was wanting a little poem/note to put in some Christmas baskets we are making up for our customers, so I sat down at my desk and wrote a little 8 line poem in a few minutes. Sometimes the words just come to you :) I bet some day Wyatt will tell his kids about Charlie the horse!

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