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Introducing our new car!

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Yes, it's a minivan!

When we found out we were expecting a third (actually even before that), we realized that my little Ford Escape could not fit three car seats in the back seat.  We probably should have thought that through before we bought it last year.  Originally I thought that Wyatt might be in a booster seat before we had a third baby, and we might be able to make it work - but since he'll only be 38 months old when the new baby comes he won't meet the age or height requirements for a booster.  

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So we looked at a few different options, and in the end we decided a minivan was the way to go.  We were looking for something that could seat seven, and not only are minivans much cheaper than any other car with the ability to carry that many passengers, they get better gas mileage too.  Plus there is lots of room to carry around a potty chair, since lots of potty training is in our future.

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Minivans have a reputation for being one of the dorkiest cars you can have.  That used to bother me - I used to say I never wanted a minivan.  

I changed my mind though.  Whenever I tell anyone that I have a minivan, they go on and on about how they used to have one and they loved it.  And you know what, I rather like it too.  It's so roomy, it feels luxurious, we have a ton of space for the mounds of stuff we have to bring with us everywhere, and there is the potty training thing.  Derek put in a nice radio and bluetooth for me, we have a DVD player for the kids, and it only had 79,000 miles (less miles than any car I have ever owned) when we bought it, at less than blue book value.  I kind of love it.

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I figure if I, a twenty-something, fairly-fashionable girl, can happily drive her minivan, anybody should be able to drive one without feeling weird.  Cars are not a fashion statement.

Are cars a reflection of who we are?  In a way.  But do you know who I am?  I am a mom.  I don't feel like I've lost my identity in motherhood, but being a mother is a huge part of who I am.  If someone asks me about myself, one of the first things out of my mouth is about my kids.  I love motherhood, and I happily accept it as part of my identity.  I am so thankful for the blessing of bearing that title.
So if driving a minivan says "mom"?  Then that fits me perfectly, and I'm proud of it.

And you see these three?


They are so worth a minivan.


This post is part of a new Friday series I'm starting, in which I'm going to try to bring a little more of my "real life" back to the blog. Real life stories, real life happenings, real life struggles, real life lessons. Because these are the things my kids will want to read someday, and these are the things I will want to remember.
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Unknown said...

I, like you, vowed I would never, ever drive a minivan. And, of course, now that we're considering a new car that will better accommodate our growing family than my little Cavalier, we're seriously looking at the minivans!

Sarah said...

We are in need of a vehicle with more seats and my hubby is reluctant to make the switch but I KNOW we won't regret once we do. Its only a matter of time before we are joining you!

Jessica Elyse @ Memoirs of a Mommy said...

Nothing wrong with a Minivan! Marc wants one and we don't even have kids to fill it! He says the haul tons of stuff, ride comfortable and get good gas mileage....and that's a car guy talking.

Caitlynne and Jared said...

We are moving to NC from OK in two months and I'm already dreading all of the back-and-forth 18 hour drives we'll be making with two kids, a dog and all of our stuff crammed into my Mariner! I'm begging my husband for a van even though we just bought the Mariner a year ago!

Lindsey said...

We love our mini van! We've never looked back, not only for storage but just wait until your kids are old enough to unbuckle and open doors, then you'll be so thankful you don't have swinging doors!

Vanessa Miller said...

Haha...good for you! I'm still having issues with the mini van but I know that if we have a third child, which we plan to, then we will need to have a mini van. My husband is insisting!

Melanie said...

Congrats..looks like you got a nice one at a great price too!! I love ANY vehicle that gives me the space I need! :-D

Inspired said...

I've been driving a minivan since I was 19, that's almost 11 years! Yes, by choice! I've owned three Toyota vans (2 previas- my favorite, and now the newer style the Sienna). Again I chose them each and every time. I always say, "I can tote stuff AND people." And now I add, "comfortably" to that statements. I can't tell you the number of times the very person who jokingly have me a hard time that then later came back and liked the van, borrowed the van, or asked me to haul them or their stuff in my van! Proud mini van drivers we are. :-)

Alli said...

I love my minivan! I never thought I'd say those words, but I do. Best thing ever.

Unknown said...

enjoy your new travels!

Natalie said...

WOOHOO! Minivan moms unite ;)
My husband has a thing against SUVs so I knew I'd have to drive a minivan some day. That day came WAY sooner than expected. We totally bought one shortly after having Callyn, which sounds ridiculous, but we found an awesome deal and knew we'd have more kids. It worked out great since Colbie came along sooner than expected :) I totally embrace the mom mobile!!! Congrats on the awesome purchase!

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