20 Weeks Pregnant (Baby #3)

I am officially 20 weeks pregnant!


I have generally been feeling great!  Just the same old symptoms, but they aren't bothersome to me.

This week we find out the gender!  I am so excited to see whether this baby is a boy or a girl!  I have been so confused on what I think this one is - I always thought I might be able to tell with the third baby since I've experienced a boy and a girl pregnancy, but my symptoms have been somewhat inconclusive.  For a while there I thought things might be pointing to one gender over the other, but then things evened out again, and I have no clue!  We're excited to find out and then announce it at our party this Saturday!

Baby is around 10 ounces now, and 6 1/2 inches long (about the length of a toothbrush)!  He/she is also practicing swallowing more.

Derek and I *think* we felt the baby move from the outside last week, I felt it on the 26th, and Derek says he felt it a few nights before that.  He always puts his hands on my stomach while I'm sleeping, which I think is sweet - it's like his bonding time with the baby.  It's still pretty slight, but you can feel a tiny little bump when baby kicks!  Even though I feel like my belly is about as high as it was with Gwen, I think the baby is sitting pretty low, because all the kicks are low.

Wyatt is so cute.  We've been practicing asking him where the "new baby" is, and I always point to my stomach and say "In Mama's tummy!"  Well, something got lost in translation, and now when I ask Wyatt where the new baby is, he always points to his stomach, and the other day he started saying "Wyatt's tummy!"  It makes me laugh every time.  We're still working on it, but I think it's so cute.  I get the feeling he understands more than he lets on.  It'll be fun to be able to tell him whether the baby is a boy or a girl.  Obviously Gwen has no idea what's coming, but I think she'll be a great big sister.

I've been a little worried about my weight gain this time around.  I always shoot for the lower end of the weight gain range, and I was worried I was getting off track.  But I looked it up and apparently I'm still fine.  It just seems like I'm gaining faster this time around, but it's probably just my imagination. I've gained about nine pounds so far.

I am just so excited to know the gender!  I can see how it might be fun to wait until delivery day to find out, but I don't think I could do it.  I like trying to put together the puzzle pieces of who my baby is before I meet them - are they super-active, or more subdued?  Are the movements gentle or strong?  How do they respond to music?  What are their sleep/wake cycles like?  And finding out the gender is the biggest puzzle piece I can know before I actually get to meet them!  I like knowing.  It makes me feel even closer to this sweet little life.

Only a day left to go and I'll know!

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I'm doing a little poll on whether you all think it's a boy or a girl!  And there may or may not be a (small) prize for one of the people who guess correctly... fill out the form below!  Or if you don't care about winning a prize, vote in the sidebar poll to the left!

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LeAnna said...

You look great! It's funny, the more you have the lower they all seem to go. I think it's just good ol' gravity, and all those stretched out muscles. I don't know about you, but I had round lig pain the worst with my 3rd! Excited for you to find out the gender, #3 was the only one my instincts were right on!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

So excited for you to find out!

Lauren said...

You are looking so cute! and I'm such a terrible guesser for genders--mainly because I was TOTALLY wrong with Elyse, but I can't wait to hear what it is!

Unknown said...

You look adorable! I totally understand the weight gain fear, I am only one week ahead of you and I am up about 15 pounds so I would say you are doing great!! It's funny I feel like I am showing higher also but at our last ultrasound she was super low and all the kicks are low :-) I can't wait till you announce the gender :-)

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