22 Weeks Pregnant (Baby #3 - BOY!)

Time for the 22 week update!  It feel like a lot has happened in the last two weeks in this pregnancy.


The biggest thing, we found out we are having a baby boy!  I would have been thrilled either way, but I think it will work out really nicely for our family to have a boy next.  I love that this boy will only be three years younger than Wyatt - I feel like that is definitely close enough to be good friends as they grow up!

I've been trying to keep an eye out for little boy outfits so that I can get a coming home outfit for our little guy, but most of the outfits out now are a little too wintery for April.  I'll probably wait until after Christmas so I can find something that will be warm, but not too middle-of-winter-ish.

I bought the fabric for his quilt, and I'm excited to get started on it after Christmas!

We pretty much have a name picked out, but we also have a backup, just in case.  It's a little different to have a name so early in the game this time - usually we don't seriously talk about it until later, and we've never made a final decision until after the birth.  The decision isn't really "final", but we have a pretty good idea!

Baby Boy was 13 ounces at his last ultrasound (two weeks ago, so I'm sure he's close to a pound now), and he's about 11 inches long!  Tooth buds are starting to form this week as well!

For me, I feel like the belly has definitely "popped" over the last two weeks.  I don't think it's ever changed so drastically in a two week period!  I woke up one day and it was all of a sudden way bigger.  Here are the comparison pictures between 20 and 22 weeks:

Comparison copy

See?  Maybe it's not as drastic as I thought, but I can definitely tell a big difference.

I've been having a lot of sciatic nerve pain over the last couple weeks, so I think it might be time for a chiropractic adjustment.  I've also been eating way too much.  All the Christmas goodies have bombarded me since our gender reveal party, and it's just been too much sugar.  I need to slow down so I stay within my weight gain goal!  But I really do feel hungry a lot of the time.

The maternity clothes are finally starting to fit, but I can still make a lot of my regular clothes work too, so I'm kind of in between.

One exciting thing to me has been feeling the baby move from the outside!  It's so fun to feel his little kicks get stronger.  The other day I was sitting on the couch and I was just watching him move around inside my belly.  This is my absolute favorite part of pregnancy - feeling and seeing the movement.  There is nothing like it.  I'm going to miss it when Baby Boy is born, but I'm so looking forward to meeting him!

DSC 9963blog
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Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

Awww..you are such a tiny thing! I'm sorry you've been having the nerve pain. I had some mild pain when I was pregnant with my daughter. Totally not fun:( Congrats on a baby boy!

Amanda said...

Feeling baby movement is my favorite part of pregnancy, too. You're so cute! And I admire your ability to record all the details of your pregnancies, including weekly or bi-weekly pictures. I have failed miserably at that this time!

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

You are just the cutest pregnant person ever!!!

anita said...

Congratulations Callie!! You're looking great :)

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Hooray for another boy! And I can definitely tell that your belly popped! You look amazing as always.

Cassidy Robinson said...

I definitely agree that somewhere between 20-23 weeks, the belly POPS! I don't know if it's just faster after the first pregnancy or if it happens to everyone. But yours is still so cute and tiny! You definitely have more vertical room to carry a baby than I do! Nowhere else to go but out on my 5'3'' self. :) And I am SO happy for you guys and your little boy!

Melanie said...

Definitely starting to pop out more! And oh wow a name picked out already...how exciting!!!

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