Boy Or Girl?

Well, we are off finding out the gender of Baby #3 today!  I am so excited to see whether we're having a boy or girl.  Our gender reveal party will be on Saturday, so I'm afraid you have to wait until next week for the announcement!  In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the wives' tales.

Craving salty/sour things or sweet things?

With Wyatt: craved salty/sour things.
With Gwen: I craved both.
With This Baby: Mostly craving salty things, but sweet thing taste good too.
Hands dry or soft?
With Wyatt: Didn’t notice.
With Gwen: No difference.
With This Baby: About the same as when I'm not pregnant.
Sick or eating more?
This has been my best pregnancy so far as far as morning sickness goes, but I am never very sick.
Can people tell you are pregnant from the back?
With Wyatt: No.
With Gwen: No.
With This Baby: Not yet anyway.
Carrying High or Low?
With Wyatt: Low
With Gwen: Slightly higher.
With This Baby: This baby feels like he/she is in the same place as Gwen.  Now it's kind of a question of whether I carry girls higher, or if the carrying lower with Wyatt was a first pregnancy thing.
Here is a picture comparison so you can decide for yourself!  This is me at 20 weeks with all three babies.
Baby's heart rate over 140 bpm?
With Wyatt: It was in the 140-150's range throughout the pregnancy.
With Gwen: Started out much higher than Wyatt's (in the 160's-180's), then in the 140-160's range.
With This Baby: 173 first visit, since then it's hovered in the 150's.
Right or left side while resting?
With Wyatt and Gwen: Both sides.
With This Baby:  I like my right side better. This is supposed to mean it's a girl apparently.
Clumsy or Graceful during pregnancy?
With Wyatt: Didn’t notice.
With Gwen: Clumsy.
With This Baby: Clumsy.
Palms up or palms down (when asked to show your hands)?
With Wyatt: I can't remember for sure.
With Gwen: Palms up.
With This Baby: Can you believe it's been palms down?  I always thought palms up was more natural.
Has the husband put on weight?
Derek has never really put on weight while I'm pregnant.
Picking up a single key by the round side or skinny side?
With Wyatt: ? Can't remember for sure. Probably round side, because that’s the side I always grab first.
With Gwen: Round side.
With This Baby: I didn't actually pick up a key, but when I just read this question and thought about picking up the key, the skinny side flashed into my brain.  Go figure.
Are the age and year of conception both odd/even or one odd, one even?
With Wyatt: One odd, one even.
With Gwen:  One odd, one even.
With This Baby: Both odd.
Chinese Gender Chart?
With Wyatt: One chart I tried said boy, and another said girl, so I'm not sure which one was the true gender chart.
With Gwen: Once again, one chart said boy, another said girl!  I think that definitely proves it in my mind that internet Chinese gender charts cannot be trusted.
With This Baby: I took a few and thought they were all saying girl, but then one site said boy.  I don't trust the gender charts.

So according to the traditional old wives tales, it's:
But according to my previous experience (because my other pregnancies didn't follow the "rules" either) and taking out the questions that cancel themselves out, it's:
Not very conclusive.
So many people have asked me what I think the baby is, since I have had both a boy and a girl before. And the answer is - I have no clue!  I've been going back and forth on what I think it is - for a while there I thought there were more similarities to one of my previous pregnancies, but then it started feeling more similar to the other again.  
There are a couple of extra "signs" that have confused the issue for me too - like how emotional I've been, certain physical symptoms, etc, that were different between Wyatt and Gwen.  When I compare with those things, some of them make me think one over the other.  But in general this pregnancy has been unique all on it's own, and not completely like either of my previous pregnancies. So I really don't know!  I can picture this baby being either gender.  
We shall see (at approximately 2:30 today)!  Prayers for a healthy baby and a solid answer on the boy/girl question are appreciated!
Also, I have a poll going on whether you guys think it's a boy or a girl - vote below!  There might be a (small) prize waiting for one of the lucky people who guesses it right!

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Kenzie Smith said...

Old wives tales are always fun to do! I remember doing this when I was pregnant :) How exciting that you find out the gender today!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

How exciting!! ;)

Claire said...

So fun to cast my vote ;) Can't wait to find out what you're having! You look beautiful!

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

I think it's a girl...Just have a feeling. :) Cannot wait to hear!!!!!!

Kate Craig said...

have you been smaller each time?? You look so tiny! Have fun!

Dove of Snow said...

This was fun! I'm excited for you still, very much! Regardless of the gender. LOL Aren't you glad? ;-) I'm interested to learn what you've got! Have a blessed week. - R

Whitney @ Journey Mercies said...

oh these old wives' tales are hilarious - i thought people in cambodia had strange superstitions. :) i haven't heard of most of these!

Inspired said...

Just voted boy!
Can't wait to hear the news.

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