Choking Christmas

Christmas time can be stressful.

It sounds grinchy to say that, but it can be.  I have been running our family Christmas celebrations for the last six years, but this year I am feeling it.  The stress.  Crunch time.  The song "If We Make It Through December" has finally started to make sense.

There is so much to balance, and so much to do at Christmas, some of it fun, some not so much.  Trying to manage the Christmas budget and scrape up enough money for everyone's presents.  Wrapping the presents.  Making the cookies, decorating the house, ordering the Christmas cards.  Addressing and mailing the Christmas cards, going to cookie exchanges, family gatherings.  Watching the Christmas movies, remembering to do advent before kids go to bed, listening to all my Christmas music.  And in the midst of all that, trying to carve out some time to do some fun Christmas activities with my own family.

(Me and my beautiful family at the zoo lights last weekend.  Which was fun, by the way.)

But even though I'm up to my neck in "Christmas", I still feel like I'm missing it.

I realized the other day that I'm letting all these Christmas activities choke Christmas.

I am so busy with Christmas festivities that I don't take time to sit down and think about it.  Christmas is not about everything I mentioned above.  Those things aren't bad, and most are lots of fun, but that doesn't make Christmas.

Christmas is Christ.  And like the innkeeper on the night He was born, I'm letting my busyness squeeze Him out.  

The to-do list is a mile long this week, but I'm going to make some of it wait.  I'm going to slow down and think about Christ, and spend time with Him.  

I think that's what God wants from me most for His birthday.  To make time for Him.  To make Him first.  That's more than just reading a Bible story or going to our Christmas Eve service.  It's waking up early to have my morning coffee with Jesus.  It's talking to Him, and listening, reading His word. It's setting my mind on Him, and His birth, and His life, and the reason He came, instead of letting myself be consumed with all these earthly holiday concerns.

He is what it is all about.  And I don't want to miss Christmas.
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Caroline @ In Due Time said...

sweet post!! Thanks for the reminder!! Precious family pictures!

Melanie said...

Amen...I've been feeling the same way!

HIS daughter said...

Love this! :) Thanks for sharing definitely made me stop and ponder and I needed that! :)

Lauren said...

great post! It's definitely so easy to get caught up in everything else--and trust me, you're not alone. I'm only a momma of one and I have been running 90 miles an hour as well!

Amy said...

This is oh so true! Merry Christmas!

Whitney @ Journey Mercies said...

absolutely - i think we take our traditions and must-do-lists way too seriously sometimes, when all Jesus wants for Christmas is US - our hearts, our lives, our worship. take all that away and we still have what matters most - our Messiah.

Brittany F said...

Thanks for this reminder Callie! Have a Christ-filled Christmas filled with abundant blessings in the new year.
Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts

eliz said...

Feel the same way....too much going on...never time to reflect!

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