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You can read all about our Christmas gender reveal party in my post yesterday, and today I just thought I'd share a few more personal pictures from the party!

Me and Gwen.  See, isn't my sweater a good one?  I didn't even get a vote.  But there really were worse ones at the party this year, for sure.

DSC 9894editblog

Me and Wyatt.

DSC 9909editblog

Derek and Wyatt deciding which present to auction off next.

DSC 9859editblog

DSC 9861editblog

Derek, auctioning off the ornaments!

DSC 9864editblog

DSC 9833editblog

DSC 9838editblog

Wyatt thought the ornament auction was so fun!  He kept clapping his hands and jumping around whenever anyone won their bid.

DSC 9847editblog

DSC 9849editblog

Happy girl.

DSC 9826editblog

Opening the packages after the auction was over!

DSC 9872editblog

My cousin opening the gender reveal package.

DSC 9871editblog

And it's a boy!

DSC 9873editblog

Family picture.

DSC 9883editblog

These were the two winners of the ugly sweater contest!  My sister and my friend Ashley's husband, Jed.  And can you believe that it was the same two people who won at my last ugly sweater party?!  They just know how to pick 'em, I guess!  My sister informs me that the secret to winning is to not only find one that is ugly, but that is ill-fitting as well.

DSC 9886editblog

My mom and sister with the kiddos.

DSC 9917editblog

Me and Derek after the reveal!

DSC 9927editblog

The one thing I wished was that I had gotten more/better pictures of the guests in their sweaters.  I got a few in a hurry, but I didn't check them and they ended up blurry!  Agh.  But we had a fun time with it, and hopefully all our guests did too!  
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Caroline @ In Due Time said...

Looks like such a sweet party!!!!!

Leslie said...

Looks like it was a blast!

Tiffany said...

awwww, I LOVE the way that you did the gender reveal! I mean seriously... to cute! And the party looks like it was so much fun!!!

Melanie said...

Wow...they sure do know how to pick them! Love the pics!

Lauren said...

what a fun, fun party! great idea for a gender reveal party!

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