17 Ways To Make Your Oldest Feel Special

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Transitioning from one to two kids can be harder on your first child than it is on you sometimes.  It's a big change to all of a sudden not be the only kid int he house anymore.  Add in to that all the attention that the new baby inevitably gets, and the first child can end up feeling ignored.

Whether your child has a really hard time adjusting or they fall into the role of older sibling with no hiccups at all, they still need to know that they are important.  Here are a few ideas for reminding your first baby that they are still special to you!

1. Sit on the floor and do something your toddler wants to do while the baby naps.

2. Buy some craft supplies.  Put the baby in the pack-and-play for a while, and do a craft together.

3. Recognize all the cute things your oldest does and tell them how adorable they are!  Everyone exclaims over the new baby, make sure you exclaim over both of your kids' cuteness.

4. Give them opportunities to help you with things. Praise them whenever they do!

5. Let them cuddle with you on the couch while you are feeding the baby (no reason you can't snuggle both of them at once).

6. Watch one of their kid movies with them.

7. Make them cookies or some other special treat, and make a big deal about how you are making it especially for them.

8.  Take the opportunity to buy them that apple juice at Starbucks or little toy at the grocery store.  You have limited time left while you only have to buy one thing instead of two!

9.  Take a minute to sing them a silly song or dance with them around the kitchen.

10.  Strap the baby into the carrier and go exploring outside with your toddler.

11. Take them on a "date".  Leave the baby with your husband or other family member, take them to the movies, take them out to eat - do something special just for them.

12. Don't change their bedtime routine after baby - still read to them, sing them a story, pray with them, or whatever else!

13.  Let them climb in bed with you sometimes.

14. Play their music in the car.

15.  Discipline them when they misbehave.  Don't ignore bad behavior just because you have your hands full with the new baby.

16. Treat them like a treasure, not a nuisance.  Even when you are in the middle of something.

17.  Tell them why they are special.  Tell them they are cute, tell them they are sweet, tell them all the things you love about them.

Those are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling, but the bottom line is that little things matter, so look for opportunities to show them you love them just as much as the new baby.  

What things do you do to make your older child{ren} feel special?  If I get enough suggestions I'll compile them into another post!
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HIS daughter said...

Love this post so much! Thank you for sharing I will definitely be doing some of these with Elijah boy :)

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

I love this post! Such great ideas!

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