DIY First Birthday Decorations

The birthday party preparation is in full swing!  We're having Gwen's 1st birthday party (just a small one, mostly family) on Sunday!

A couple weeks ago Wyatt and I sat down while Gwen was napping, and we worked on some decorations for her party.  It was a pretty fun toddler craft (not just for party decorations), so I thought I'd share it here.

I got this idea from our craft girls at our MOPS group - they gave a little talk about projects you can do with your toddler, which was helpful since I never think of these things on my own!  It's the same thing as the "stained glass" tissue paper projects that you see floating around.  

Basically I cut out some snowflakes, and I used a bunch of the paper scraps that I had left over from making Gwen's party invitations.  

I took a sheet of contact paper and had Wyatt stick the little pieces of paper on the sheet.  I just had him stick them wherever so he could put the pieces face up.  

DSC 0160editblog

Then we sprinkled some glitter on the paper (which he loved doing), and I framed his creation with a paper snowflake (with the middle piece cut out - tip from the MOPS ladies).  

We sealed it off with another piece of contact paper and I cut the snowflakes out.
Wholla!  Party decorations for Gwen.

DSC 0161editblog

This was a craft that Wyatt really liked to do (the kid can only take so much coloring), it was easy, and it looked really cool when it was all done!  I also think it's kind of special that Wyatt had a part in decorating for Gwen's party.

More pictures next week!
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Anonymous said...

I love that Wyatt got to work on this work you! Looks great :)

Inspired said...

I am SO excited about this. Will be doing this one for sure. Thanks Callie!

la petite lulu said...

These are perfect for a winters party! Happy 1st birthday Gwendolyn!

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