Don't Fall When You Are Pregnant

This is just a little update for those of you who wanted the full story.

So yesterday was just a day at home with me and the kids. Derek had been gone all week, but he was coming home last night! I was excited he would be home, so I spent some time cleaning the house and just got a pasta dish going for dinner - I wanted him to have something good to eat when he got home.

I decided to take out some of the trash that had piled up because I wanted our basement to look cleaner, so I started out the door to bring the garbage can back up our driveway. It had snowed the night before, and I didn't even think about the fact that the snow could be covering up ice. I slipped and fell down flat on my back in about 3 inches of snow.

I wasn't hurt badly, I was just cold! I jumped up and ran back inside, kicking myself for slipping because I try so hard to be careful not to fall when I'm pregnant. I also know my doctor gets concerned about falling later in pregnancy, so I called and left them a message.

A little while later a nurse called me back and asked me some questions. Any bleeding? Fluid leakage? Pain? No, no, no. Then she asked if I had felt the baby move much and I kind of stumbled over my answer. The truth was I hadn't felt him that I noticed since I fell. She said she'd call me back.

This, of course, freaked me out, so I drank some cranberry juice and laid down, and almost immediately Little Man started jumping around. I was pretty relieved!

The nurse called back and I told her he was moving. She said that was reassuring but that they wanted me to come in to the hospital for some monitoring.

I had a minor meltdown when I hung up, because dinner was still cooking and Derek wasn't home yet, and I just really wanted to spend the evening with him! I called my mom and arranged for her to watch the kids, and then got us ready to go before we headed down.

Thankfully a few minutes before my mom came, Derek arrived home from his trip early, bearing gifts (a huge box of chocolates for me and toys for the kids)! my husband is o sweet. So my mom ended up taking the kids home with her, and Derek got to go with me.

We grabbed some dinner and finally got to the hospital around 7:00 PM. The nurse hooked me up to the monitors and asked a bunch of questions. It was hard to get a heartbeat on our little guy at first because he was moving around so much!

Derek sat on the couch and read, I ate some chocolates and watched King Of The Nerds and Parenthood (what is Joel thinking? Come on, man, fight for your marriage), and we just hung out for the next four hours. I didn't ave any contractions, my doctor decided I didn't need the blood work to check for internal bleeding, and baby looked great. It was scary hering about all the things they were watching for though! Falling when you are pregnant can be serious.

I loved hearing our baby's little heartbeat galloping along while we were there, so that was the lovely silver lining for the whole thing!

Also, I knew he didn't like things pressing against my belly because he occasionally kicks at my book if I rest it on my stomach - but I didn't realize how much he hated it! He basically just kicked the monitor over and over until we took it off. I felt bad because I knew he didn't like it. My poor little guy.

I was so glad Drek was there to keep me company, otherwise I very well may have lost my mind. I knew the monitoring was a good thing because I wanted to make sure our little guy was okay, but it is so boring sitting in those awful labor and delivery beds and not being ale to move because they might lose track of the baby's heartbeat again.

They finally let us o at 11:40, with instructions about preterm labor and to check in with my doctor soon. We climbed into our own bed around 1:00 AM.

Not exactly the way I wanted my evening with Derek to go! But at least we were together and our little guy is okay He's been kicking me all morning as I sit in a lecture at my dental conference today (that I had to wake up at 5:45 AM for). Why yes, I am exhausted! But very thankful that the Lord protected us.
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Lauren said...

oh girl...what a scary and frustrating situation for you! Glad that you & baby boy are both ok!

Kenzie Smith said...

Oh that is scary! I am so glad that both you and baby are okay!

Alli said...

I'm so glad you're okay! I saw your pictures on Instagram this morning when I woke up and wondered what happened. Glad to hear that baby boy is still kicking hard and is just fine!

Laura said...

So glad you and baby are ok!!!

E said...

So glad your little guy is OK. Scary!

Unknown said...

Glad all is okay! I once fell down the stairs while holding Elliot & pregnant with Emmett. They made me come in and I had a mini meltdown as well! Pregnancy + clumsiness don't mix :)

Brittany F said...

Wow, that's so scary. I'm glad to know that everything is okay. You're all in my prayers.

Melanie said...

So glad you and baby boy were ok..I was hoping for an update!!

Jennie said...

Oh no! Glad you are okay! I always had a fear of falling when I was pregnant! I am giving away a Starbucks Verismo Brewer on my blog. I would love if you would check it out.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're okay!!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I'm glad you were okay!

Susannah said...

Wow I'm so glad everything is ok!!! Praise the Lord!!! (And I'm with you, Joel needs to fight for his marriage!!!) ;-)

Brittney Galloway said...

I'm so glad you and baby are all right!

Brittney Galloway said...


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