Gwendolyn Is One Year Old!

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(A sneak peek of Gwen's 1st birthday party invitations!)

Miss Gwen is officially a one year old!

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This last month has been so much fun - I feel like she has just grown by leaps and bounds in one month!

-Her four front teeth are coming in nicely, and they make her little grins that much cuter (if it was possible for her to get cuter).

-Her hair seems to be growing in thicker all of a sudden, and this month we did her first pigtails!

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-Playing peek-a-boo.  We've played it in the past, but she re-discovered it in the grocery store the other day and couldn't stop giggling.  It was so cute to see her lift her little blanket over her head and then drop it back down over and over again.

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-She has gotten even more comfortable cruising around furniture, and she has stood for several seconds by herself!  I need to find her some good shoes, because I think she feels a little unstable still, like Wyatt did.  But she is very mobile and gets into everything.

-She learned to say "dog" this month, which really sounds more like "da".  It's cute!

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-She got a little play makeup/vanity set for Christmas, and the other day I showed her how to use the powder puff and lipstick.  She just lit up, and she started trying to put the lipstick on me, and rubbed the powder puff all over my face!  It was one of those moments where I was just so glad to have a little girl - what fun we're going to have as she grows!

-She likes to copy everything Wyatt does, and cars are still some of her favorite toys.

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-She's developed a new love for stuffed animals!  We went to the zoo to see Christmas lights, and she got really attached to this sloth stuffed animal, so we were sneaky and bought it for her birthday - she loves it!  I caught her talking to it, and moving it's arms the other day - it's so cute to watch her playing get more and more "sophisticated", so to speak.

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-She loves using a sippy cup, and since she turned a year I've been giving her more of the same food we eat, since we're past all that allergy stuff.  She loves it!  She wants to do the same things she sees us doing, and she gets upset when I don't let her try a certain food.  She's growing so fast!

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-She is growing out of a lot of her 12 month clothes, but she's still a little small for a lot of 18 month clothes, so we're in a weird middle spot.  She's in size 3 diapers, size 3 shoes.

-We are in the midst of teething, and it's been really rough on her.  Wyatt never had that hard of a time with it, but she does.  It amazes me how she seems to know that the medicine we give her makes her feel better.  She calms down as soon as we give it to her because she knows she'll feel better soon!

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-We celebrated our first Christmas with Gwen, and she loved opening her presents!  She wasn't even interested in the paper, she knew that there were toys and other fun stuff underneath it!

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-Gwen's personality is just so sweet, and she just seems so much more grown up to me all of a sudden.  I still call her my "Baby Doll", but it struck me the other day that she is seeming less like a baby and more like a little girl.  It's bittersweet - I'm always sorry to see the sweet baby days going, but then there are moments (like with the makeup) when I know that we have so much fun ahead of us too!

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My Sweet Baby Girl,
You are a year old!  I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone.  I turned around the other day and realized your baby days are on their way out.  I treasure every moment with you, Sweet Girl, and I've loved every minute of these baby days with you - it makes me sad in a way, to see them go.  But then you grin at me and try to put makeup on my face, or share your bottle with me, or kiss your stuffed animal, and I know that we have so many more precious times ahead of us - and they are going to be so much fun!  I love watching you grow and learn new things.  I love watching your personality develop with each passing day.  I so look forward to being able to teach you more about Jesus as you start understanding more this next year.  You are growing up, and I will love every minute of all the years we have ahead of us!  But still know, Gwen-Girl, that at the same time, you will always be my baby.  I love you so much, Baby Doll, more than I can ever tell you.

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Michelle said...

She is so cute!

blessingsandlilacs said...

I absolutely love "The Sound of Music" in her invites :)

Team Harries said...

great pictures! happy 1 year!!!

Natalie said...

I seriously cannot believe this is so! Seems like she was just born! Happy birthday, sweet Gwen!

Julie S. said...

She is TOO cute! Happy Birthday!

Lyndsey said...

Happy Birthday, cutie pie! What a fast year it's been!

Sarah said...

I just love how sweet she is. Happy birthday, Gwen!

Melanie said...

She is seriously sooo cute!! Love all the pictures you posted..happy birthday to little Gwen!!

Susannah said...

Awww... Happy (belated) birthday to your precious little girl!!! :-)

Kate Craig said...

I love the picture with the sloth and the one where she's looking like she's begging for food! So cute!

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