Two Maternity Outfits (+ Giveaway!)

I'm at that stage of pregnancy where I'm still kind of in between non-maternity clothes and maternity clothes.  I'm starting to outgrow some non-maternity things, and I'm too small still for certain maternity clothes, so I'm right in the middle.  

I feel like I've made regular clothes last a lot longer in this pregnancy than in either of my other two.  In that first pregnancy I was so eager to get some new maternity clothes, so I probably started wearing them before I had to.  In this pregnancy I want to limit how many new clothes I purchase, so I'm trying to make more things work!

So here are a couple outfits I put together recently for that weird in-between stage!

Outfit 1:

DSC 0217editblog

DSC 0254editblog

DSC 0257editblog

Sweater: Non-maternity, TJMaxx
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: Non-maternity (probably won't be able to wear that one again - definitely getting too tight!), Old Navy
Socks: Target
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Tights: Maternity, Preggers 

Outfit 2:

DSC 0859editblog

DSC 0854editblog

DSC 0855editblog

Earrings: Christmas, from my mom!
Jacket: Target
Dress: Non-maternity, Charming Charlie
Boots: Just Fab
Tights: Maternity, Preggers

So, notice the tights?  Preggers was kind enough to send me a couple pairs to review.  In my past pregnancies, I always just rolled down the waist of my regular tights and suffered through it until I could change out of them, so I had never tried maternity tights.  Can I just say I'm a fan now?  They are so comfortable and didn't hurt my stomach at all!  So much better than suffering through regular tights - I kind of wish I had some for when I was pregnant with Wyatt and Gwen!

Preggers maternity tights are particularly useful though, because not only are they much more comfortable around my belly, but they are also gradient compression tights.  You know how your doctor might recommend wearing compression socks if you are having trouble with your legs and ankles swelling?  Preggers tights work the same way - they put light pressure on your ankles and calves to help improve circulation through your legs (the blood doesn't pool in your legs as much this way if you are standing or sitting for extended periods) and they help prevent swelling.  There is no extra pressure on your stomach at all though, which makes them comfortable and safe for baby.

(Obviously consult your doctor about any questions about using compression tights.)

I found that the tights were a little tricky to get on (because the highest amount of compression is at the ankles they are obviously tighter there), but once they were on I barely noticed any compression and they were comfortable.

Plus they come in so many fun colors and styles!  The tights I got above are in Mulberry and Navy, respectively.  I also liked the "Your Golden" color a lot!  You can even get them as leggings or footless tights for the summer months.  So if you have any trouble with your ankles swelling or your doctor recommends compression socks, these are a fashionable option!

The company who owns Preggers also has a line for non-pregnant women too (called Gogo), so if you think you'd like to try the tights but you aren't pregnant, you still can!

Preggers is offering one of my readers a chance to win a $50 gift coupon to one of their shops!  The coupon is good at Preggers and Gogo (as well as at their more medically-geared sites), so this isn't just for those of your who are pregnant!  Fill out the rafflecopter form below to enter!

Note: I received two pairs of Preggers maternity tights for free in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Anonymous said...

Adore the outfits! Those tights are super cute and sound really comfortable!

Whitney said...

Love that dress in # 2!

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

maternity compression tights. Yes please!

Susannah said...

These would come in great since I'm hoping to get preggers ASAP. ;-)

Mandi Richards said...

I liked the light support footless lights in navy!

Natalie said...

So cute! I never wore maternity tights but I have maternity leggings that I may or may not still wear only because I love the material that they are and I cant find non-mat leggings like that!
I love your dress from Charming Charlie, too!

Lauren said...

you are too cute! so stinkin' stylish as a preggo momma!

Veronica and Daniel said...

I usually just get black or brown tights...but I think I would try a fun color! Maybe blue or pink :)

Alli said...

I would definitely get some leggings! I love me some leggings!

Cassidy Robinson said...

I have one pair of maternity leggings and LOVE them! Could definitely use a few more. ;) You look SO cute!

Leen said...

I would go for a pair of navy leggings!

Jessica Whitman-Horton said...

Cute outfits!! I could totally use these this time around! I had terrible feet and ankle swelling last time, it was August, but it was terrible!

Melanie said...

Probably some pantyhose..looks like they have a nice assortment!

Inspired said...

So excited about those tights!!! Been dying in my non maternity ones.

Danae said...

These outfits are adorable! You are so stylish! I would definitely go for a pair of leggings! Love them!

Kenzie Smith said...

Love the outfits! I would definitely go for the Light Support High Waisted Leggings in black!

Dove of Snow said...

You always look soooo amazing! Hard to believe you're on pregnancy number three and look like you've never been pregnant! Love your outfits. And the tights, both non-maternity and maternity sound great. I'd definitely try them. I use tights all winter long. And comfortable is the BIGGEST issue for me, along with good quality product. Happy New Year! - Rachel

meredith m said...

I might get some leggings

Unknown said...

You have great maternity style Callie!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Love your outfits!

Felicia said...

Those tights look great! You are such a stylish lady, my friend :)

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