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I think one of the biggest questions I had (and that I heard from other moms), about adding a second baby was how it was going to affect 

shopping!  When all you've ever had to do is get one baby in and out of a store, it can be scary to think about handling two.

I am here to ease your mind.  You can go (almost) anywhere with two kids that you went with one.  All it takes is a little strategy.


Go to places that have carts.  

It can take a lot of energy to carry a car seat around and keep a hold of your toddlers hand.  Especially in the first few weeks when your baby is little, limit your excursions to places with carts.  And then park right next to a cart in the parking lot - wholla!  Not a problem.

Make use of your baby carrier.  

Trip to the mall?  Strap the baby in the carrier and stroll your toddler around like normal.

Grocery shopping?  

If it's a quick trip, put one child in the top seat of the cart, one in the basket.  You would be surprised how much stuff you can fit into the cart around a car seat or toddler.  If you know it's going to be a big grocery shopping trip, use the baby carrier again and put your toddler in the seat on the cart.
Note: My plans for grocery shopping with three?  Carry baby, put Gwen in the seat on the cart, and have Wyatt either walk or put him in the basket.  

Clothes shopping?  

Just try to get the big dressing room so you can fit your cart or stroller in there with you.  Personally, I think clothes shopping with two young kids is technically doable, but more effort than it's worth.  I mostly order clothes online now, or find a time when I can go shopping by myself.

Keep the less secure child in the car for as long as possible.  

The less secure child usually translates to the older children who have the ability to run around in a parking lot.  When Gwen was smaller and confined to her carseat, I almost always got Gwen out of the car first and put Wyatt in the car first, just because I felt like it was safer that way (though Wyatt is pretty great about staying right by me in parking lots).  

Now that Gwen is bigger and I have my hands full carrying her, I usually get Wyatt in the car, close the door, put Gwen in her carseat, then go back around and buckle Wyatt in.  Unless I have the cart or stroller handy - then I just transfer them to the car one at a time.


Overall, it's more energy, but it's not very hard to wrangle two kids by yourself while going out.  Three will be more challenging, but I have a plan in my head for most situations!  Enter heavy use of the baby carrier and the double stroller.

Now, if I had Wyatt, Gwen, and then twins, I don't know how I'd manage any of this.  So if that's you (Taara?) - comment below!  I want to know how you do it!

Nevermind, Taara just posted this week about how she handles four kids on the go, including twins - go check it out!

That's all I have.  Moms of 2+, leave your comments below with more out-and-about tips!
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Vanessa Miller said...

If I have to take both kids grocery shopping, I usually use one of the race car carts my grocery store has. The toddler sits in the car part and the baby stays in his carrier on top of the cart. They are really hard to maneuver and have only half the basket space of a regular cart but they work. I might start wearing the baby and then the toddler can still go in the sitting part of the cart. Three will definitely be a challenge!

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