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I'm just going to ramble a little today, okay? Okay.

1. Our Valentine's Day was pretty much awful.  I had a bad back day at work - I could barely get up out of my chair at one point it was hurting me so bad.  I clearly need a chiro adjustment.  

Then I thought I'd surprise Derek with Qdoba for dinner, but when I stopped to pick some up, the car started smoking!  A mechanic happened to see it and tell me (which I'm really grateful for, because if he hadn't noticed I might not have either, and I might have ruined the car).  One of our hoses was leaking coolant everywhere.  

So I had to wait there for Derek to come get me and the kids.  Kind of ruined the surprise.  Then we were really worried that I ruined the engine, because I don't know how long I was driving like that or how hot the car got, because my temperature gauge is broken.  But we got the car towed, and had Qdoba for dinner anyway, so it was okay.  Though my car has been in the shop, and the kids and I have been stuck at home most of the week.  I finally got it back just in time for MOPS!

2. Despite the Valentine's fiasco, our actual Valentine celebration on Saturday was fun!  We went out to see The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.  I was skeptical, but it was actually a really good movie!  Then we had Japanese food for dinner and went to the mall for a blended chai.  It was a nice date.

DSC 2197editblog

Screen Shot 2014 02 17 at 4 06 59 PM

Screen Shot 2014 02 17 at 4 02 09 PM

Screen Shot 2014 02 17 at 4 01 59 PM

3. Derek surprised me with this for Valentine's Day:

DSC 2182editblog

Yes, my friends, that is a Keurig!  I've been wanting one for a while, and Derek just showed up with this on Saturday morning!  I was a little shocked, because I thought we'd have to save and get one for ourselves next Christmas.  I'm super excited about it.  First stop - Target to get some mocha coconut K-cups!  Mmm.  I also want to try the iced coffee varieties, and I like that I can also make tea or whatever with it.  Any tips for me?  I'm still figuring the thing out.

4.  I bought this little book for Derek and me:

DSC 2201editblog
It's been so fun so far!  We've been filling out the questions together every night. It basically asks you a question a day, and you each write out a short answer.  It's a fun getting-to-know-your-spouse-better project.

5.  I got the kids this CD for Valentine's Day:


DSC 2207blog

Although I got it late because I totally slacked and didn't order it in time for Valentine's.  So poor Wyatt had to wait for his Valentine.  I think he was expecting something when Derek gave me my present on Saturday, and I felt so bad.

But about the CD, it's pretty much a classic.  I listened to it myself growing up, and I still remember certain verses because of the songs on this album!  Like Philippians 4:8.  I can list all the "whatevers" only because of the song I learned with this. Wyatt sings to certain songs, so I thought this would be a great way to help teach him some Bible verses, and begin "hiding" the word in his heart!  We're going to listen to it today on the way to  MOPS and I think he'll like it!

6. Our church is re-organizing and attempting to get the congregation more involved and connected with each other.  So they've started offering "equipping classes" on Sundays and "growth groups" during the week.

Derek and I have been wanting to get more involved at church for a while, so we're kind of seeing this as our opportunity!  We start our growth group this Saturday - it's basically like a small group, but the discussions will be focused around the sermon topics.  We signed up for one that was organized according to life stage, so I'm also excited to start meeting more couples at church with young children.

We've been going here for several years, so you think we'd already know a lot of people, but it's a big church.  I grew up in a very small church where everyone knew everyone by necessity, so it's been hard for me to figure out how to get more connected in a larger church setting.  I'm proud that the church elders saw the need for better fellowship and are taking the steps to make it happen!

Screen Shot 2014 02 19 at 2 48 36 PM

7.  We're also taking a class on Global Outreach with our church.  We had our first one this past Sunday, and Derek and I are both pretty excited about it.  I'll probably write more as the class continues, but I think it will be good!

8. I dropped off the baby quilt to get quilted last week!  I think I already mentioned that, but I'm just rather excited about it.  I can't wait to get it back and get his nursery all set up!  We're at T-minus 8.5 weeks until EDD!  But I'd be pretty surprised if Baby Boy didn't come before that, so it really is probably less.  That's kind of crazy.

Screen Shot 2014 02 17 at 4 01 52 PM
31 week belly, via Instagram.

Okay, that's all I have. Ramblings at their finest.  Okay, not really, but thanks for reading!
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Hannah said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear about your car! Thank goodness a mechanic saw it and everything ended up working out in the end. Though, I know how it feels when something doesn't go as planned. I usually get cranky if that happens, but I try so much to not let it.

Yay for your Keurig! I have one and love it! And the coconut mocha k-cups at Target are one of my favorites! What a sweet surprise for you! You will enjoy it so much!

So great that your church is starting a life group of sorts. Having fellowship with others in the same life stage you are in is so important and is something I miss about our old church. We are still looking for a small group here. I'm sure your kids will love being with other kiddos their age too!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Love the ramblings. And that you order old school Christian CDs for your kids, because I totally do the same thing. :) (Only I order Psalty.)

Julie S. said...

Register on keurig.com for their rewards, you can get discounts on Kcups--it's the cheapest route that I know of! Gloria Jeans Macadamia Nut coffee is one of my favorites, as well as Cafe Escapes Cafe vanilla. It's more of a latte instead of a flavored coffee. The other nice thing about keurig.com is that they have samplers (5 K cups) that you can get so you don't have to buy an entire box!

Shae said...

Gosh, it feels like this pregnancy of yours has flown by! It doesn't seem like you should only have 8.5 weeks left. Wow! :)

Merry C. said...

So sorry to hear about your troubles. I am the first to admit that trials like that are certainly not the most pleasant things to deal with. Car trouble can be so frustrating!
Yay! A keurig? You go girl! That's a nice gift! I've always wanted one of them too.
Hope this week is much more pleasant for you! Merry from, eachlittlebird.blogspot.com

Jessica said...

You will love your Keurig! I have a little filter on mine that I can put regular coffee in (as opposed to k-cups). I think I've saved a little money using that for my everyday coffee, and then I splurge on the fancy k-cups for special treats. I also get a lot of k cups for my birthday or Christmas -- I always think that's a good gift idea to tell people when they ask you what you want :-)

Also, that Q & A book looks really fun!

Annie said...

I'm glad you found out there was something wrong with your car before it was ruined any further! Car troubles are the worst.

I've been wanting to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty so I'm glad to hear you liked it!

A Keurig sounds amazing. I really want to get one! They sell apple cider K cups and I think those would be perfect for fall.

Melanie said...

Gosh the time is ticking closer and closer for #3!! Love the idea of that Q &A book..where did you get it?

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

What a sweet surprise from your hubs! Sorry to hear about your car :( Thank goodness it wasn't that big of deal. Augh...and sorry about your back. I remember those days,

Inspired said...

We are so totally kindred spirits! I don't know what I would do without my Keurig! We also had Japanese food for Valentine's Day, recently saw that movie, my friends just gave us at Q and a book for Christmas and have been doing it together, and I just got my boys that music CD. Although I only got one instead of the 2-for-1. Wishing I had seen you blog post first! :-)

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