Valentine Fun

I've been wanting to do another craft with Wyatt over the past few weeks.  Wyatt had so much fun with the crafts we did for Christmas and Gwen's birthday - he is really not into just coloring, he likes to do projects.

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought we'd work on making some cute paper hearts!
I cut a bunch of hearts out of construction paper, and we colored for a little bit.  I wrote our names on some of the hearts.  

But before he could get bored with that, I brought out my secret weapon - glitter!

DSC 1532editblog

The craft girls in my MOPS group had this genius idea.  Basically you stick some double-sided tape onto some paper, put some glitter in a plastic baggie.  Paper goes into the baggie, and then you let your little one shake the bag!

Wyatt had a blast with it, and he thought all the hearts turned out "pretty".

DSC 1535editblog

DSC 1539editblog

It was a fun and easy little project for us to do together!

DSC 1542editblog

DSC 1550editblog

I took our creations and hung them up with some mini clothes pins and Baker's twine - now we have a lovely Valentine's Day banner!

DSC 1557editblog

DSC 1559editblog

DSC 1560editblog

DSC 1563editblog

Check out the post on my photo blog to see more cute pictures of my boy!
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Tiffany said...

That is such a cute craft idea! I seriously need to stock up on random craft supplies. But Sydney is the same way as Wyatt., she will only color for like five minutes. But she will spend hours on a craft.

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Love the craft! And what a genius idea to use double-sided tape and the glitter in a bag!

Lauren said...

This is such a great idea! I'm totally pinning this to use later on!

Amanda said...

Wow, you're brave to bring out the glitter! The double-sided tape is a great idea.

Inspired said...

I'm going to do this with white egg shaped pieces of paper tape and all different colors of glitter and make an Easter egg Garland! Thanks for the great idea Callie.

Inspired said...

Finally got to do this! I did Easter eggs at our playdate today and they are SO cute!

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