34 Weeks, Baby #3!

Here we are at 34 weeks pregnant!


Baby is growing bigger and bigger!  The average baby's length is about 18 inches at this point, and both my kiddos were 20 inches when they were born.  It's weird to think that he's probably so close to that length already!  I think he is head down, but I might ask my doctor if she can tell at my appointment this week.

Not too much new to report.  I posted last week about all the things I've been able to cross off my to-do list.  It feels good!  Right now I'm just waiting for the baby's glider to come in, and to get the quilt back so I can finish it.  I decided to start knitting a baby blanket (since I knitted one for Wyatt and Gwen).  It probably won't be finished before he comes, but I'm hoping to have a big enough chunk done to include it in a few of his newborn pictures.


I'm reading Ina May's Guide To Childbirth, because I was hoping it would help me mentally prepare for labor.  I'm still in the birth story section.  It's interesting, but I feel like a lot of the birth stories are a little idealistic.  I guess I was hoping for more pain-coping strategies, but maybe that's still coming.

We took our maternity pictures on Saturday!  It snowed Friday night, and I was worried it was going to ruin our pictures, but thankfully it had melted a lot by the next day.  Danae posted a sneak peek on Facebook, and I'm so excited to see the rest!  I think the kids actually cooperated for a few of them too, which made me happy.

I've been having a lot more heartburn over the last couple weeks, and it's strong.  Now I'm totally confused about whether or not I think this baby will have hair.  I was convinced that he was going to be bald, because I had mild heartburn through my entire pregnancies with Wyatt and Gwen, and they both had hair, and I hadn't been having any heartburn up until this point.  But now that the heartburn has started, it's so much stronger than anything I had with Wyatt and Gwen.  So now I think he'll either have more hair than Wyatt or Gwen had, or he'll be totally bald.  I guess we shall see!


Wyatt talks a lot about the new baby, and he's already distinguishing between which toys are his, and which ones the new baby can play with (we're still working on the whole sharing concept).  Wyatt likes seeing all the projects I've been working on for the nursery, and he talks about how "that's for New Baby's room", and he'll kiss my belly when we ask if he wants to kiss the New Baby.  Gwen actually showed some interest in my belly the other day, and was patting my tummy as I was telling her there is a baby in there.

Baby Boy still likes to roll around in my stomach - he's pretty gentle, overall.  He doesn't kick so much as he just rolls his limbs across my belly.  I love it!  I love feeling his little feet too. Derek got to sit on the couch with me the other night and felt him move a lot, and he was talking about how he can already picture this little guy running around the house.  It was nice to have that time together.

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Taara said...

You are looking great! I am so glad you get to experience a "surprise" pregnancy. Although technically only our first was really "planned", our second one was a complete surprise. After you've had some delays in conceiving I'm so happy God blessed you with a little surprise. All the best for the last couple of weeks. Will be praying for a good delivery!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Yay so excited for you, Callie!! You're so close. :) Love the updates!

Tiffany said...

You are seriously too adorable! You make me want to be pregnant all over again!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Looking great! I love your outfit. (=

Whitney @ Journey Mercies said...

You are too cute!!! I read Ina mays book too but I actually read the second part first. It helped me understand the birth stories more. Just an idea!

Melanie said...

Love your outfit! I'd say your little guy will have some hair..maybe he's growing some.'fuzz' just before he makes his arrival! ;-)

Hannah said...

you look so cute and your outfit is so pretty! Enjoy these last few weeks with your sweet boy kicking and squirming inside you! I hope you get a good start on your afghan.

LeAnna said...

If you can at all labor in a tub, I highly recommend it for pain management! You don't have to give birth in the tub, but my midwife told me that for every hour spent laboring in the tub it has the same effect as a shot of demoral(sp?) for pain relief, and I believe it. Even hot water in a shower can make a huge difference. Also deep, controlled vocalizing through contractions. Rest in between. When it comes to the fight or flight reaction we all have when faced with pain/danger/etc, I am very much a flight type. But for some reason, when it comes to labor or my kids, I'm full-on fight mode. I'm not in to the hypo-birth type things, and could climb a huge soapbox about the dangers of visualization in the spiritual realm - I am NOT a new-age propagandist - but getting through and making the pain of childbirth work for you is very much a mindset. You can't fight the pain, you can't run from it, you can, however, harness it. For me, staying relaxed through the pain requires closing my eyes and not opening them until the baby comes out. I don't like music on. I don't like people talking. And I make a lot of noise… ;)
YOU have to figure out what you need to concentrate and help your body through the pain. You might need music, or touch, or words of encouragement. Everyone is different, but girl, you got this!

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