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Shopping for clothes when you are pregnant can be challenging.  Finding stores that sell maternity clothes is just the first step - you have to find them, and then you have to find the select few items that fit well and don't make you feel like a whale.

This is my third pregnancy, so I've had a little practice, and I have specific maternity clothes shopping tricks.  I also have a few places that are my favorite places to shop when I have a little one on the way.  Since I was asked recently where I shop for maternity clothes, I thought I'd write a post and let you all in on my strategy!  

When I actually sat down to write about maternity clothes I found I had a lot more to say than I thought, so I'm going to split this into a few posts to make it more manageable.  

Today let's talk about pants.

Maternity pants can be so frustrating - I have found precious few that have actually fit me.  Maternity pants designers seem to think all the baby weight will go directly to your behind - but for me, I actually lost whatever extra "padding" I had back there when I was pregnant with Wyatt.  

The pants I have found that fit have been from Old Navy, Kohls, and Motherhood Maternity, but they were the exceptions - most of the ones I tried on at those stores didn't fit me well.  This isn't a problem for all pregnant women, but it's one of my biggest maternity wardrobe challenges.

Because of this, I have two main strategies for pants.

1. Stay in my non-maternity pants as long as possible.  I use the rubber band trick, Belly Bands, and long layering tanks to make my regular pants work as long as I can.  This works better than you might think.  I was able to stay in my regular jeans for 6-7 months with this baby before I had to start resorting to my maternity pants.

2. Buy a size up.  When I was pregnant the second time, after my regular pants started getting too uncomfortable, I went to Forever 21 (mainly because they have cheap, stretchy jeans) and I bought some jeans that were a size bigger than my normal size.  I could actually button them!  Though they were a little baggier in the legs than my normal pants, the waist and bottom fit alright because of my growing belly.  Those jeans also ended up being great postpartum pants too - for that awkward period when you don't want to wear maternity clothes anymore, but you can't fit back into your old size just yet.

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(I was so excited when I found this pair of pants at Papaya when I was around 22 weeks pregnant - they are a bit bigger than my non-pregnant size, so they still buttoned comfortably for several more weeks of my pregnancy.  I think I got them for $5 on clearance?  The stitching on the side makes them unique for maternity wear, and they'll be perfect for those first several weeks postpartum too!)

Are non-maternity pants comfortable when you are pregnant?  No, not as comfortable as maternity pants.  But if you have trouble finding maternity pants that fit (like I do), actually feeling good in your clothes might be worth a little discomfort when you are going out.  I just change into my lounge pants when I get home.

Finally, when you just can't stretch the non-maternity pants anymore, the only piece of advice I have is to search high and low and try on every pair of maternity pants you see until you find a pair that works.  I have yet to find a store that carries maternity pants that I know will fit - I have just found a few pairs scattered here and there.  When you finally find a pair that fits, it's pretty satisfying!
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Tiffany said...

I do always think you are dressed so adorably!

Rachel and John said...

You don't like maternity pants? I love them. I wear them as soon as I get a positive test.

Amber said...

I am completely living in leggings right now. Specifically yoga/active wear leggings because the ones I found have a larger "roll down" band on them, so they actually feel like maternity leggings! I'm glad you can find pants at some of the less pricey stores. Literally the ONLY place I found jeans that fit me was a maternity boutique in Seattle (MA brand) they were about $90 a pair, and I got two. But they're the only thing I wear for the last half of my pregnancy. They've been through two pregnancies now and are looking a tad worn, but this might be my last time wearing them. Problem is that I have to gain some overall weight before I fit into them (usually not until closer to 23-25 weeks)...which is annoying this pregnancy since it feels like my belly is huge already and I'm only 16 weeks. I've definitely "popped" way earlier this pregnancy...but haven't quite gained the weight in my legs and hips for my good jeans to fit me well! I hope they'll still work this pregnancy! So until then...I'll just keep with the leggings and long shirts!

I'm looking forward to your shirts post. You always have the cutest tops and dresses!!

Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean, I don't have much "padding" back there either and I was one of those not pregnant from the back people.

Meghan said...

You look great Callie. I always love your maternity style. I'm praying for you and the delivery of your little one! I know it will be a beautiful story to share no matter how it happens. Keep trusting in Him and His perfect timing. xo!

Rae said...

I feel the same way! I can never find maternity pants that fit just right, but you gave some great ideas on different solutions/options!

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