I think it's safe to say that the last couple weeks I've been in a full-on nesting mode.  After my shower I just decided that the nursery must be ready, and it must be ready right now.  The house must be clean, and it must be clean now.  

It's weird how nesting strikes you at unusual times.  I'm not expecting the baby to come even in the next few weeks, but I just feel like I need to be ready.  It's been a very productive time, though not for writing.  When I have a to do list hanging over my head I find it hard to get up the motivation to sit down and write a post.  My house is happy, my blog is not.

I'm getting very close to finishing everything I wanted to complete, so I should be back into writing substantial posts soon!  But in the meantime, I thought I'd share my list of accomplishments with all of you.  Because I know you're just dying to know how I've been spending my days (I'm not a sarcastic person, but pretend that last sentence was in the much wished-for sarcasm font).

In the last two weeks I've:

1. Cleaned out the nursery, which had a lot of non-nursery items piled up in it.

2. Bought canvases from Hobby Lobby and created my own DIY nursery art.  Post coming soon.

DSC 2600blog

3. Went thrift-store hunting for a cheap lamp.  Painted said lamp.  Hunted for a cheap lamp shade for said lamp.  Total: $10

4. Sewed a blanket for the toddler bed that also resides in Baby Boy's nursery.  It actually ended up being more of a duvet cover, because when I sewed it together I wasn't happy with how the material was laying.  So I took one of our old, flattened duvets, folded it in half, and sewed it up inside the material.  So now it's this poofy, comforter-type blanket, and I kind of wish it was big enough for me to use.

DSC 2603blog

5.  Sewed a pillow case to go with said duvet cover.

6. Organized/washed/put away all the gifts I got at my baby shower!  Ashley also sent me home with some of the shower decorations, and they are currently being employed in the baby's nursery.  It's cute.  I promise I'll do a reveal post eventually.

DSC 2428blog

7. Cleaned out my computer desk and mail baskets.  This doesn't sound like a big deal, but trust me - it is.  The clutter was getting out of control.

8.  Ordered nursing paraphernalia.  Ordered the baby book.  Ordered crib sheets.  Ordered that sleep shirt I wanted for the hospital.

9.  Ordered a glider for the nursery.  We used to have a rocking chair in there, but I put it in Gwen's room when we moved her.  I just have this weird thing where I feel like each kid's room needs to have a chair.  I'm pretty excited about it, because it's pretty, and it looks comfy.

10.  Hung up a banner in the nursery.  I made it a few weeks ago - it turned out pretty cute.

DSC 2601blog

11. Met with the nurse at the hospital to discuss my birth plan.  A post about which is coming soon.

12. Met my new niece!  My brother and sister-in-law had their baby.  She's super-cute.  I am itching to go visit so I can hold her again.

13. Got caught up on the kid's baby books.  Started filling out the pages of the new baby's book.

DSC 2597blog

14. Wrote overdue thank you notes.

15.  Washed the car seat cover and blanket.  Now I just need to figure out how to get the car seat installed in the van.

16.  Finished reading and wrote review posts for several books.  I'm up to 19 books already in 2014!  What can I say, the book worm bug strikes again.

DSC 2607blog

17. Started cleaning the house.  Got distracted.  House got dirty.  Started cleaning it again.

18. Started packing my hospital bag.

And by the end of this week I'll be able to cross "Get my hair highlighted", and "Get maternity pictures taken" off the list as well!  After that, things will be almost ready - I'll just have to get the baby's quilt back and finish it, and get the glider put together.  Oh, and deep-clean the house.  Then we'll be set.

I'm also happy to report that most of this was done while the kids were napping or in bed for the night, except for the house cleaning.  It's so nice that they nap at the same time.  I'm already anxious about the day when I can't get them all down at once anymore.
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Bech and Marley Evans said...

I love that banner...I can't wait to see the nursery all put together!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I'm in nesting mode, too. In fact, we are having a yard sale this weekend. Thought it would work as a great motivation to clean the house out! ;) LOVE the colors of that baby blanket!

Hannah said...

holy moly, you have been busy! I wish I had half of your motivation to get things done around my house. I do remember when I started nesting before my little man was born; I had to get things done finished and cleaned. Right then. But, I consider it a good thing as he came early! I can't wait to see the nursery, I'm sure it is going to be so cute!

Whitney said...

Wow you have been busy! Loving the little peeks into the nursery!

Leslie said...

Whoa nelly!!! You have been busy!

sarah e said...

Rock on. I just love being productive - it makes me happy and motivated to check off some of my to-dos just by reading about yours. Don't forget to slow down and enjoy some relaxation too!

Lyndsey said...

I love a good nursery reveal! Can't wait to see it! You're so good at filling out your baby books. Liam has two and they are both empty and Liesl doesn't even have one :/ their "baby books" are my blog I guess, ha!

Unknown said...

Which glider did you end up getting? I am looking to get one but don't know what to get. You put me to shame with all you've done! I am 29 weeks and am doing well to just get the house semi-clean. I do work full time but still!! Way to go!

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