One And A Quarter

(For a picture overload of Gwen over the last couple months, click through to my photo blog!  I just but a few photos in this post of her little outfit, there are lots more here.)

My sweet Gwendolyn is 15 months old!  

I can't believe how much Gwen has changed since she turned a year.  She is growing so much every day!

A fun thing has been seeing how she has learned to walk!  She is a very good walker now, and follows us everywhere.  It's so funny to me to watch her walk around, because she is still a baby in a lot of ways - it's just funny to see such a tiny little girl walking around.  She toddles, and carries things that are bigger than her (like the step stool from the bathroom, or large stuffed animals), and she tries to run.  She really does live up to her nickname and reminds me of a penguin sometimes, because she'll walk really fast with her arms held straight behind her.  It cracks me up!  I think her learning to walk so well, so fast has a lot to do with her trying to keep up with Wyatt.  It's adorable.

She has several words now - I think we are up to twelve words?   "Hi", "Mama", "Dada", "thank you" (which sounds like "dee-doe" - she only says it when she is handing me something.  Both of my kids say thank you when they want you to take something away from them), "up", "out", "arm", "drink" (which sounds like "deek", and is usually accompanied by her reaching her hands out and opening and closing her fingers - that's how she lets me know she's thirsty), "cheese", "dog" and "doll" and "duck" (which sound exactly the same, but I know she's trying to refer to each thing individually).  And I think that's it.  Most of the time she gets away without talking because Wyatt does a lot of the talking for her, so I'm trying to make her say things herself more.

Those are all the words she says, but there are a lot more words that she knows.  It's amazing to me, because she keeps surprising me at how much she understands me.  The other day Derek told Wyatt to grab his shoe, but before he could respond Gwen ran over and got his shoe for him!  I also asked her for a kiss the other day, and she knew exactly what I meant and gave me a kiss right on my cheek.  It was so precious.  There have been other times when I tell her something, and I can just tell that she knows what I'm saying.

Favorite toys include cars, her purse, the push car we've had since Wyatt was little, and her glow worm.  She is especially attached to her glowworm.  She loves to turn it on, and then she'll sway back and forth to the music it plays.  She also gets a huge grin if you sway with her to the music!

She got her first two upper molars at the beginning of March, and I think she's working on her lower ones now.

She is still so funny about "no" - whenever I tell her no to something, she laughs at me, and then she obeys.  I kind of love that she thinks it's fun to listen when I say no!  The only time she gets mad when I say no is when she wants something to eat and I tell her she can't have it.  Then she cries.

I love, love, love the baby kisses.  Gwen is such a little girl - she loves to give kisses.  She presses her lips together and says "Mmmm" - occasionally finished off with a "wah".  She also knows how to blow kisses now, and it is just so adorable to see her little fingers all splayed out as she presses her hand to her mouth.  She is really good at waving goodbye to people now, and she loves to get attention.  She smiles at complete strangers and says "hi" (still her favorite word).  It makes me kind of sad when people don't say hi back, because her face just falls!

Lately she has been sitting still with me more, and she was fallen asleep on my lap several times.  She usually doesn't do that, so I just soak it up when she does.  I want to enjoy those times when I can get her to settle down next to me, because she is usually on the go all the time.  There have been a couple times when Derek has been gone that I have sneaked her into bed with me, and she just curls up with her head against my shoulder and falls asleep.  I love feeling her little breath against my collarbone. When the new baby comes it will be harder to have her sleep in bed with me, so I love every time we get to do that now.

She still loves her blanket (she has to have it when she sleeps), and I think it's so funny because when she gets sleepy she sucks her thumb - but not in a traditional sense.  She more just hooks it into the left side of her mouth, and it cracks me up!

She has the funnest little personality, and she is always laughing and playing.  When I was looking for her outfit for her one year old pictures I had to nix all the things that were more pastel-colored, because it just didn't seem to fit her.  She is just such a bright, happy girl, so bright colors fit her better.  I think that still holds true!  She brightens up everyone's day with her happy little personality, and I love it!


Miss Gwen,

You are growing so fast!  I can't believe how much you have changed in this past month.  There are so many little things that make you "you", things that I love about you.  

The little gap between your front teeth when you grin.  The way your hair curls, and that impossible rats nest you develop on the back of your head (sorry baby girl, you got that from me).  Your tiny little feet - they are so small and delicate.  The way your face looks in the morning when you first wake up - cherub cheeks and squinty eyes.  Your chubby little baby legs and rounded tummy that make you look so much younger, even as you are running around the house like a "big" girl.  

The way you want to do everything that Wyatt does, how you follow him around all the time.  When you run over to your daddy with your arms stretched above your head so he'll pick you up.  The way your face lights up when you see someone you know. How you lay your head against my shoulder when you have a rare shy moment.  Your lips pressed together in that funny way when you give me a kiss.  

I want to remember all these little things you do right now, Sweet Girl.  You will continue to change and grow, and I know I will love every new thing I discover about you through the years, but I don't want to forget these sweet details - how you were at 1 1/4 years old.  You are so precious to me.  I love you, my Doll Baby.


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henning love said...

what a beautiful letter callie!! what a sweet sweet girl she is and isn't a privilege to be asked by God to raise these children

Rachel and John said...

What a sweet little lady! I can't believe she is so big already!!

Melanie said...

She's just so cute!!

Hannah Terpstra said...

Beautiful post! She is so sweet! I love this age too! My daughter is 17 months, So much fun! First time visiting your blog. Following via bloglovin. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Rae said...

Gwen is so precious! She is growing up so fast! And you are a great mom, Callie!

Meghan said...

So sweet! I love that Gwen is so smitten with Wyatt. I already see that in Emmerson with Donovan, too. It melts my heart. Hard to believe you will have another beautiful baby to love on in just a few short weeks.

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