Clyde's First Two Weeks

Mr. Clyde is two weeks old!  I wanted to do a little mini update, just to remember a few things about him in his first two weeks.

-Clyde is such a snuggle-bug!  I prayed to have another snuggly baby, because I love the cuddle time with my kids, and the Lord definitely answered my prayer.  He loves to snuggle while taking his naps, and even though it may not be the best habit to develop, I accommodate him whenever possible.  I love it.

-He lost his umbilical cord at five days old!  The hospital nurse called later that week to check on us and said he was an overachiever. He also has been trying to lift his head up since the day he was born, and he pushes really hard against things with his legs - he is such a strong little guy!

-His first few nights here were rough - he basically wouldn't sleep at all unless he was sleeping next to me.  I may have had a few sleep-deprived meltdowns during those first few days.  I knew we just had to figure out what he needed to sleep, and after some trial and error, we finally figured it out!  Baby Boy likes light and noise while he sleeps, and he likes to be warm.  So we turn on the space heater a little while before we put him to bed, we bought hime two new night lights for his room, and we downloaded the Sound Sleeper app on our iPads and play the "seashore" noise for him (all night long).  Yes, it's a lot of things to remember, but it works!  He's only been waking up once or twice since we started (and he even went a 7.5 hour stretch one night)!  I'll take it.

-He loves his pacifier, and I broke down and bought him a Wabbanub.  He holds onto it so tight while he sucks on his pacifier, and it's so cute.  I also think it's adorable when we pull the pacifier out of his mouth - he'll keep his lips puckered and make a few sucking sounds, like he doesn't realize we took it away.  It's adorable.

-Wyatt and Gwen have been doing pretty well.  Wyatt got to "hold" baby Clyde on his lap, and he loved it!  He was being so careful to hold him still, and gave him his pacifier.  Then he asked to hold him again later, which was so sweet.  Gwen will walk over and give Clyde kisses, and I found her giving Clyde his Wubbanub and trying to hug him in his swing the other day!  They are such sweethearts.  There have been some instances of acting out too, but it hasn't been too bad.

-Clyde cracks me up, because sometimes he'll scrunch up his face like he's about to let out a good scream - and then out comes this tiny little mew/whimper.  It's adorable.

-I love Clyde's hair.  And his skinny little legs - they are so tiny.  I love his left ear - it is pointy, I think just from being born, but it's starting to round out a little now.  I love his studious expressions.  I love the way he sleeps with his hands right by his face.  

I pretty much love everything about him.  What a precious little gift he is.

There are more photos on my private blog from when we were in the hospital and of our first couple weeks at home!
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Stephanie said...

Clyde sounds like a sweetie :) Isn't it neat how attached we are right away to our newborns...admiring every little detail and distinct feature. And yay that he's a pretty good sleeper! Miriam is as well...up two (occasionally three) times a night but she settles back to sleep after a feed very easily which is nice.

Lauren said...

sounds like you're getting things down! We use a Homedics Sound Machine from walmart for Elyse's sound and we still use it to this day for naps & bedtime. It runs all night and she sleeps wonderfully!

Meghan said...

It is so amazing how God expands our hearts to love each baby we have so fully and perfectly. Clyde seems to be the perfect addition to your beautiful family. I think about you often, mostly in my busy moments of the day with my kiddos and think, how in the world does Callie do it with 3?!?! But you seem to be doing it sooo well. Way to go Callie. You inspire me.

Melanie said...

How sweet!! Love the pictures of him on your other blog..he's such a little man!

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