Full Term! (38 Weeks, Baby #3)

Crossing my fingers that this is my last pregnancy update!


I'm writing this on Saturday and scheduling it for Monday, so technically he could even be here before this posts! Wishful thinking much?  I'm not sure if the news will hit the blog or Instagram first - but if you want to be safe and not miss any updates, you might just follow me there.  Because really, he could come any time, and you all wouldn't know because I have the next week of posts scheduled.

We are officially full term by any standard now (there seems to be some confusion about whether full term is 37 or 38 weeks).  Baby could come any time and there would be no problems with him being early!  

We had our growth ultrasound last week, and he was measuring right on track about 6 lbs, 14 oz.  Those ultrasounds usually aren't completely accurate, but that would put him right about the same size as Wyatt and Gwen!  So I'm hoping for a nice, average sized baby.  His heart rate was 132 bpm, and I have to say, he is a cutie!  I didn't get his ultrasound pictures all scanned yet, but I took a picture of one:


I feel like he looks like Derek here.  I can't wait to see his sweet face!

I'm measuring about 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced or so.  Though if I had to guess, I'd say I've probably dilated a little more since my appointment.  It's been getting more and more uncomfortable, and other things have been happening.

I'm having a lot of lower back pain, still getting Braxton-Hicks every day, and they seem to be getting stronger.  I can no longer eat spicy food comfortably  - I get the most horrible heartburn and stomach aches when I eat spicy things, but I continue to do it anyway (1) because I have always liked my food spicy, and (2) because if there happens to be a bit of truth to spicy food bringing on labor, I'm all for it.  I also had one other sign that labor might be starting soon, but it's probably a bit TMI to share here (those of you who have had babies can probably guess).

We're still praying that Baby Boy will decide to come this week, before Derek has to be gone.  I really wish he could just work from home for the last week of my pregnancy so we wouldn't have to worry, but his bosses say no-can-do.  So it's Operation Get-Baby-To-Come!  I'm going to try all the tricks in the book and just hope it'll work so I won't have to go through 5+ hours of labor without him.

We've been walking a lot the past week - we went to the zoo twice, and walked around the mall one night too.  I usually feel like I've been hit by a truck by the time we are done.  My back just can't take it anymore, and he is sitting pretty low now.


We did buy this cute little giraffe stuffed animal for him at the zoo - so now we have something for his comparison pictures!  It also goes nicely in his room.  Even though the spots aren't actually correct for a giraffe, but it's still cute.  I can almost picture him sitting on his chair next to it!


I can't believe we're already here!   I keep getting weird feelings, like I could go into labor any time - I even took a random belly picture the other night, because I just thought that maybe he'd come before morning.  No such luck.

DSC 3362blog

I'm so looking forward to seeing his sweet face and smelling his sweet newborn smell.   If he follows his sister's example, this will be my last pregnancy update.  Not much longer now, so I'm just trying to be patient!

38weeks3 07blog copy
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Amy said...

How exciting!!! Hopefully it won't be much longer!!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Praying everything goes smoothly!

Amanda Wissmann said...

Oh, you're too adorable!!! and I love that little giraffe :) So sweet! Hope you have an amazing week!

Unknown said...

Where did you get the chair? Can't wait to hear of his arrival.

Hannah said...

so exciting! You have made it further along than I ever did! Hopefully your little guy won't make you wait too much longer and you get to meet him soon! You will be in my thoughts and prayers these next couple of weeks! Yay for almost baby being here! :)

Unknown said...

I requested to follow you on instagram.!

Anonymous said...

Hope he comes soon so you won't have to wait to long! Loving these belly pics - so adorable! I admire your pregnancy style! Next time I'm pregnant.... I'm so coming back to your blog for style inspiration!

Vanessa Miller said...

Just make sure you get to the hospital this time!

Kate Craig said...

yay for the TMI part! That was the beginning of my labor with Kylie! Also, I'm loving your hair right now!

Alli said...

You are beautiful!! Praying that Baby Boy comes soon!

Whitney @ Journey Mercies said...

Woo hoo you're almost there! Can't wait to see photos of the little guy!

Melanie said...

Praying he comes soon!!

Lauren said...

so exciting! saying a prayer that he comes this week for sure!

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