Maternity Wardrobe: Stores

There are a handful of stores where most of my maternity clothes have come from - here are my thoughts on each (in no particular order).

Target.  I have found a lot of cute things at Target over the years, as I'm sure many other pregnant ladies could tell you as well.  Most of my maternity tops are from Target. However, Target is not fool-proof.  I have been really disappointed in their selection over the last winter season - in my first two pregnancies it seemed like I was always finding cute maternity clothes there, but this time around nothing has caught my eye.  

Forever 21.  I mentioned already that I usually look for non-maternity tops and bottoms that will work when I'm pregnant, and I've had the most success at Forever 21.  I sometimes expect weird looks from people when they see I'm shopping there, since I'm usually obviously pregnant, but so far I haven't noticed anyone give me a second glance.  However, if you do choose to shop at Forever 21, be considerate!  You are pregnant, after all - don't try on something that has no stretch to it.  Your belly might stretch the item out and make it hard to sell if you don't buy it.  Thankfully a large majority of their items are stretchy, so I haven't had too much of a problem with this.

Old Navy/Gap.  I mostly order from Old Navy and Gap online, since I can never find what I'm looking for in the store.  Thankfully they are amazing for returns!  I have found a pair of skinny jeans at Old Navy that fit well, and a couple tops from Old Navy and Gap, but unfortunately most of their maternity items are too baggy or otherwise unflattering on me.

Kohls.  I have had precious little luck with maternity clothes at Kohls.  I found one pair of pants there when I was pregnant with Wyatt . . . I think that might be it.

Motherhood Maternity.  I have bought a couple items from Motherhood Maternity.  Their clothes usually fit me fairly well - the reason I don't have more clothes from them is that they are pretty expensive in comparison to the other places I shop!  I just don't want to pay a lot for clothes that I will only be wearing for a little while.

Pink Blush Maternity.  This is the first pregnancy that I have ordered anything from Pink Blush.  What I like - they have an amazing selection! Better than any other store where I've shopped for maternity clothes.  And their stuff is cute.  The downside is that it's an online company, so you can't try any of it on before you buy.  I ordered a top from them that I used in some of my maternity photos, and a cardigan (I know, I said maternity cardigans were silly, but this one was cute, and it's something I can also wear when I'm not pregnant).  The thing I noticed is that the top and cardigan I ordered both seemed to run ever-so-slightly big - they are probably geared more toward the very end of pregnancy.  I probably would be fairly safe ordering a size down from normal.  I can't say anything for the sizes of their dresses or pants since I only ordered tops.

I'm curious to hear about any stores that you other moms have liked for maternity clothes!  These seem to be the major ones that I've heard of (or at least the major ones in my area), but if you have found good stuff at a place I didn't mention, please share!
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Bech and Marley Evans said...

Thanks for this list! I love Gap maternity (isn't it funny how all of our bodies are so different!). I have heard great things about Pink Blush, so I'll have to check it out.

The Clem Family said...

I shopped Japanese weekend and destination maternity (had motherhood maternity, pea in a pod, etc) for work clothes. I LOVE the pjs at Japanese weekend. They are expensive but are fantastic during pregnancy and for nursing. I wore them through both pregnancies and nursing and they are still in great shape. We also had a store called Baby style that was going out of business in texas during my first pregnancy. I found some great designer pants and jeans for 75% off. Not sure if they are still open online. Now that I am not working, I would probably stick with old navy and gap for more casual clothes.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Kohls was the only place I found pants that fit me comfortably and gave me lots of room. I've had a few finds at Target, but honestly, the Merona T'shirts were my saving grace over the winter. But now, my belly is so high that they don't quite come down long enough....if that makes since. I'm going to check out Pink Blush! I'd love to find a pretty dress for our pictures. (=

Lauren said...

Great list! I'm pinning this for any future kiddos!

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