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I was told before we had Clyde that the transition from two to three kids is the hardest.  I tended to just brush that off.  People told me going from one to two was hard, but that transition went pretty easily for me, so I wasn't going to worry too much.

Well, now, I have to say that they are right.  But they are also wrong.

On the one hand, I feel like three has been much easier.  I remember all of the new baby stuff from my other two, and the recovery and settling in after baby has gone much more smoothly.  I feel like we have fallen into a nice rhythm with Clyde's feedings and sleep schedule, and it doesn't seem as hard to get up with him in the middle of the night as it did with the other two.

Derek was just saying the other day that he feels like going from two to three hasn't been hard at all, that it seems pretty much the same with the two of us handling all the kids.  And I have to agree - when it's Derek and me, I feel like we've got everything really under control, and it hasn't been a hard adjustment.

On the other hand, Derek isn't always here, and I've found that the transition has been hardest when I've had to take care of all three by myself.  Somehow I didn't feel overwhelmed by two kids (maybe because I have two hands?), but three leaves me feeling outnumbered.  It's just tricky to balance the needs of all three when they all three need something from me at the same time.  Wyatt is the easiest right now, because he is older and he is able to do more things by himself, and I feel bad because he doesn't get as much attention/help as the other two who can't do as much.

When Clyde was about a week old, I took all three kids to MOPS and the grocery store.  By myself.  It was probably a little nuts to try that so early, and honestly I'm not sure we would have even made it out the door if Derek wasn't there to help get us going.  But it went okay.  We handled MOPS alright, and then I somehow managed to get all three kids in and out of the store, picking up a pretty good load of groceries in the process.

By the time I got home I was exhausted, and I decided we'd wait a while before trying that again.  But all three kids went down for a nap, and I joined them, and our afternoon ended up being quite nice.  I think that's how it's been mostly - chaos, chaos, chaos, followed by sweet moments of harmony.

Overall, it's only been two and a half weeks.  I'm still figuring it out.  Give me another month and I'll probably have more constructive things to say.

But I do have to say one thing now - that quote I shared a while ago still holds true.  My hands are full . . . but my heart is even more full.

When Clyde passes out on my shoulder, his little nose tickling my neck - my heart is full.
When Gwendolyn picks out a book, crawls on my lap, and looks so intently as I describe each picture to her - my heart is full.

When Wyatt brings me the play doh or his paints, and we set him up at the table while he asks me to say "Humpty Dumpty" with him one more time - my heart is full.

I look over, and I see the sun streaming in the windows, shining on my two little toddlers lining up their toys so seriously, while my newborn swings and looks at the sky.  It's moments like those when it hits me that all the work and tears and chaos are nothing in comparison to these incredible little blessings.

I don't deserve them.  I thank God for the chance to be a mama to all three of them.  There is nowhere else I'd rather be, and nothing else I'd rather do.
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Unknown said...

Beautiful post Callie! I remember people saying one to two is hard, but it really wasn't. We might not have a new baby but I just started watching my nephew who is just 12 days older than our 10 month old and it's amazing how much harder yet easier it is having three during the day. Such a beautiful family!

Kayla Rae said...

I love this post! The end made me cry. What a blessing motherhood is.

Melanie said...

So so sweet! You are one blessed momma!! :-)

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