Clyde At One Month

Note: There are tons of cute pictures of my sweet boy on my private photo blog, visit my photo blog to read the full update!

My sweet Clyde is 1 month old!

Sheesh, that last month went fast.  I still feel like he is brand-new - and he is, but it's weird to me that I can now count his age in months instead of weeks.  He's changed so much already.

He has really good neck strength, especially for being so little!  Even when he was a day old he was trying to hold his head up, and he has been getting better at it.  He lifts his head up, and his eyes open wide, and his little forehead wrinkles, and it's the cutest thing ever (I'm pretty sure I've used that phrase for all of my kids at some point - they all are just the cutest things ever).

I love his little arms and legs - they are so wrinkly.  I say they are "scrawny", but I mean that in the best sense - they are just so tiny, and skinny, with itty bitty little muscles, and it's cute!  And can we talk about his hair?  I think it might be curly, because right after his baths it curls a little on the ends.  When it's clean it's fuzzy, and stands up from his head.  I love it.  It's pretty thick in the back and thinner in the front, so it's hard to see how much hair he has in pictures.

One of the cutest things he does right now is "fake" eat.  When he is eating, or sucking on a pacifier, sometimes he'll spit the pacifier out but he'll still make a sucking motion with his lips.  It looks like he's sucking on his own lip or tongue, and he'll do that for a full minute sometimes before he realizes there is nothing actually in his mouth.  It's accompanied by little kissing noises sometimes, and it's so adorable!  When he first did it I thought he was trying to fake me out - he was done eating, but it looked like he was pretending he still was so that he could snuggle a little while longer!  I think it's so funny.

Sleep is going pretty well.  He has had a few nights where he wakes up every couple hours, but most nights he'll go at least one five hour stretch.  We keep his room warm with a space heater and play his ocean noises, and he settles down pretty well.  Our roughest times seem to be in the morning, and sometimes right before bed.  He will cry for no apparent reason and I know that his stomach is bothering him.  I'm not sure if it's something that I'm eating?  It makes me so sad.  He always calms down when I pick him up and snuggle him, like he expects me to make it better.  We've started using infant gas relief drops, and he seems to be doing slightly better.

He is such a snuggly baby!  I am so glad he is a snuggle bug, because it's just my favorite thing ever.  I love feeling his little head tucked under my chin, feeling his little breath whispering against my skin.  It's so precious.  I will miss this when he gets bigger and doesn't snuggle as much, so I'm soaking it up while I can.


My Little Clyde,

I love you, my sweet boy!  I can't believe how much you have changed in a month's time.  I may or may not have cried a little last night over how big you have gotten already.  

You make the sweetest little expressions, and I love the way you calm down so quickly when I pick you up.  You are my baby, and you know I'm your mama.  I love it when you fall asleep in my arms.  I love watching you wake up - you stretch out your little arms and crane your neck, raise your eyebrows and then peek open one eyelid to look at me.  You love to sleep with your hands by your face.  You love to be warm.

When you are awake, you are so alert.  You look around, sometimes with a happy curious look on your face, sometimes with a concerned look, but you are taking it all in.  You love your swing, but if you think we left you alone in the room you get upset until you realize that we are still there.  You love being around people, and you don't like things to be too quiet.

I just love getting to know you and your sweet personality, Clyde.  You are such a precious baby, my little gift.  I love you so much more than I can tell you.



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Unknown said...

Oh he is so stinkingly cute!!!

Stephanie said...

Isn't it going by fast?! Miriam is already six weeks...crazy. Just thought I'd mention this since you mentioned his stomach upset should read up on giving pro-biotics to babies. We had to put Miriam on them to help clear up a yeast infection (showing up as a rash on her bum and face) and she started sleeping so much better at night right away...only gets up once and settles right back down. I've read a lot on how they can aid digestion and help babies sleep better so I'm thinking that might have something to do with it! And you can get them in drop form which are easy to give.

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