How Do You Find Time To Blog?

I have been asked a few times how I find time to blog with two (now three) kids.  There is a long and short answer to that.

Short answer: nap time!

But since I know most of the people who asked are probably looking for a little more than that, I'll give you the long answer as well. . .

When Do I Blog?

I mostly blog while the kids are napping, hence why the short answer is "nap time".  I am very blessed that both of my kids all three kids nap at the same time right now, and they are typically really good nappers - I usually get at least two hours all to myself in the afternoon.

I could clean the house or whatever, and sometimes I do use the time to work on projects.  But typically I use it to do something I like to do.  Blogging is one of those things that I like to do.  It's my hobby, it's not stressful to me.  It is actually relaxing and re-energizing for me to sit down and write or work on my blog design - it is my main creative outlet.  For that reason I often choose to spend those nap time hours working on my blog.

I think I also have more down time than a lot of women for a few reasons.

Because we live in a rural area, I try to consolidate my trips into town, so we spend the whole day at home for three days out of most weeks.  That's three days of good, solid nap times, which translates into about six hours of blog time that I can usually count on each week.

Having a husband who travels a lot for work, though it stinks for me, is actually not too bad for the blog either - since I'm alone in the evenings during the weeks when Derek is gone I sometimes spend a little time blogging before bed.  I have to cut myself off at some point, because I have a tendency to get caught up in what I'm doing when I blog at night and stay up too late, but several months out of the year I have weeknights after the kids are in bed.

Honestly, my blogging time is probably going to change a little now that I have Clyde - I'm not sure my luck will hold out and I'll have three kids who nap at the same time.  (Though for now they are all napping at once!  Newborns sleep so much.)  Wyatt is also going to stop taking naps one of these days.  My blogging frequency may drop at that point, but I'm hoping I'll find another way to carve out time for it - when I have to cross that bridge I'll let you know how it goes!

Making The Most Of My Blog Time

Just as important as finding the time to blog is making the limited amount of time I have as productive as possible.  There are several ways I do that.

I write when I feel inspired.  If I think of a topic that I really want to write about, I try to make sure to work on it within a day or two.  If I wait too long to write down my thoughts, many times they will slip away, and I won't be able to gather the same motivation to get that post written.  If it means putting off a different post I was going to work on, that's what I'll do.  If I can't work on the post right away, I jot a few ideas down in a notebook so I can more easily remind myself of what I wanted to say when I do have time.

I write several of the same types of posts at once.  If I think of a topic and the words are just flowing, I'll write rough drafts of several different posts at once, and then I'll deal with getting them "blog ready" later.

I work in stages.  I find it best and most time efficient to work on blog posts in stages.  Sometimes I'll be in a writing mood, so I might spend my blog time writing out a few different posts, without really worrying about proofreading or getting it "just right".  The next day I might work on pictures or graphics for those posts.  Then the next day I might get the posts finalized, links added, and schedule them.  Working on one thing at a time helps me get more posts written than if I spent time doing all those things in a chronological order for each post.

I don't feel the need to publish the posts right after I write them.   I often write several posts at once, and then hold them in reserve.  This helps me get ahead so that when I am not able to spend as much time blogging I already have a few posts that are mostly ready to go (like this post today - I wrote the rough draft of this post months ago).

I sometimes split posts into multiple parts.  If I'm writing a post that is turning out to be particularly long, sometimes I'll decide if it's something that I can split into smaller posts.  This works best if it is a topic that has sub-topics or categories to it.  If it is a post that I can split up I can stretch it into several days of blog material instead of just one.

I think ahead when it comes to pictures.  If I know I have several book review posts to write, for example, I'll take pictures of all the books at the same time, whether I've read them yet or not.  I'll get them uploaded and edited all at the same time, and when I'm ready to post about certain books, I already have the pictures taken.  If I know I'm writing a post about my pregnancy that I want to use within the next week, I'll take a minute to take a picture of my belly while I already have the camera out.  If I think I might want to post about a recipe, or a house project, or my dog, or whatever, I'll take pictures of those things all in one day, file them in my "miscellaneous folder" on my computer, and they'll be ready to go whenever I actually sit down to write those posts.  Thinking ahead this way saves the time it would take to capture pictures individually for each post.

I schedule posts.  This is the secret for making it look like you update your blog every day without actually having to sit down at the computer every day.  I usually try to keep things scheduled out at least a week ahead, and that gives me more flexibility to not blog on days where I just don't have time (or don't want to).

Blogging like this has become a habit for me, but I didn't start out blogging this way.  If you usually write one post start to finish, it's not going to be easy to start working on multiple posts at once, but it does save time.

If this all seems overwhelming or way too messy for you, I'd say to start with carrying a notebook.  Write down blog ideas as they come to you.  If you have multiple ideas written down, it will be easier to remember to take pictures, or write an extra rough draft, or whatever, when you have the chance.  Eventually it will become a habit to plan multiple posts at once.  I have a hard time not thinking several blog posts ahead now.

One More Tip

The final thought I have about finding the time to blog is that you should only blog to the extent that you actually enjoy it.  That is going to look different from person to person.

The reason I have time to crank out 3-5 posts a week even after multiple kids is because of all of my strategies above, and because it is something that I enjoy doing.  This is how I like spending my free time - as I said, it's actually rather energizing to me.  When I get to that point where blogging starts to suck away energy instead of giving me energy, I take a step back.  I slow down.  And that's okay.

 If you enjoy blogging, try to strategize and make time to do it!  But if the thought of coming up with 3-5 posts a week is too much, just start small.  Shoot for one post a week.  Work your way up to more if you want.  But stop at the point where blogging becomes a chore.  If you don't enjoy it, it's not a good use of your limited alone time as a mom.  Do what you enjoy when you get that time.
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Kristy said...

I love your blog. That's all :)

Ashley Brooks said...

Even without kids (but not for much longer--eek!) I use a lot of these same strategies. Working in stages is especially helpful. People don't realize what a huge chunk of time it is to sit down and write + revise an entire post, plus take care of links and pictures!

Right now I post 3 times per week, and I have ideas for posts scheduled out a month in advance on my editorial calendar. Then I rearrange those ideas according to when I feel like writing about them. Mondays I draft all 3 posts for the following week, Wednesdays I revise and get links in place, and Fridays I add pictures and hit Schedule.

Hannah said...

I blog during nap time too, it is nice to have a little bit of time to do something fun. I have never thought about doing the posts in stages though, and for some reason I've had a hard time writing in advance/scheduling posts. I think I might give your method a try, it sounds like the best way to get the most out of my time. Thanks for sharing!

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

Yay!! I was hoping for this post - thanks for sharing!

HLBurke said...

I've answered this question a lot about my fiction writing, and I ended up with a very similar post.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with what you said at the end Callie! I have gone through a phase of not enjoying the world of blogging, so I took a break. You can't force it x

The Jessa Olson Blog said...

I love this post! I have been going through a blogging block and just don't feel like blogging. I admire that you blog as much as you do with 3 kids. I don't have any kids and I struggle.

Whitney @ Journey Mercies said...

these are great ideas! i need to start doing the "batch" processing - i think that will help a lot. i've also decided to take a mommy break on the weekends when my husband is home - just to get out of the house for a couple hours, go to a coffee shop, and write. really sets my week up for success!

Alicia | Jaybird: Home in Motion said...

I don't have kids so my schedule is a little more flexible, but all your tips about making the most of blog time are right on! I also think new bloggers often feel self-imposed pressure to blog 3-5x a week because some of the bloggers they look up to do that--without realizing that you don't have to do that.

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