Maternity Pictures With Clyde! Part One

I was so excited that my friend, Danae, was able to take our maternity pictures for this baby!  Danae is a professional photographer, and if you remember she couldn't take my pictures with Gwen because she was on maternity leave with her own sweet girl.   But she is my favorite photographer and always does such  great job, so I was really looking forward to having her take pictures with this pregnancy!

I was really wanting our pictures to have a springtime "feel" to them, even though we were taking them in winter.  I thought my hopes were going to be dashed when we woke up the morning of the shoot and there was six inches of snow on the ground!  Thankfully most of it had melted by the afternoon, and these pictures are the result.  I love the little bits of snow on the ground, because that is exactly what springtime is around here - it snows, it melts, it's nice weather, it repeats.

I had a really hard time narrowing the pictures down, because I love every single one she took!  But I did my best.  Here are the first half of the pictures!

CM3 074 Artblog

CM3 072blog

CM3 070blog

CM3 069blog

CM3 019 Artblog

CM3 018blog

CM3 059blog

CM3 058blog

CM3 050blog

CM3 076blog

CM3 078blog

CM3 088blog

CM3 081blog

CM3 085 Artblog

CM3 084blog

CM3 096blog

CM3 097blog

CM3 103blog

CM3 091blog

CM3 094 Artblog

One thing I love about having Danae and her husband, Scott, take our pictures is that they are so good at getting the kids to play to the camera - not all photographers are good with kids, but they are great!  We had them take Clyde's newborn pictures too, and I can't wait to see them!

  They got so many cute ones of Wyatt and Gwen, and of all of us as a family, at our maternity session though.  Those are coming up next!  Stay tuned.
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Ashley said...

Beautiful pictures :) I love the little bit of snow on the ground as well. You're beautiful :)

<3 Ash

Danica Pardini said...

Lovely photos! I love the way your hubby looks at you with the most adoring eyes, precious! You are the best looking pregnant woman I've ever seen!

Tania said...

Really beautiful photos! You are just gorgeous- being pregnant suits you! Xx

Unknown said...

These photos are gorgeous! They really capture the beauty of your pregnancy.

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous Callie. They really capture how beautiful you are pregnant!

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