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 Figuring Out My Balance

First, can I just say that if you have e-mailed me in the last month, I am so sorry!  Going from two to three kids has been a bigger adjustment than I had anticipated.  For the first month I feel like it was just a matter of keeping myself and the kids alive and relatively happy from day to day. I'm not going to lie, there were multiple meltdowns during those first few weeks (and I'm not talking about the kids).  When I did have a few minutes to myself it was a choice between blogging or working out, and since the baby weight is not falling off this time, working out has been winning.

Then Clyde turned a month old, and all of a sudden I hit my groove.  Things just seemed much more balanced and manageable all of a sudden.  Last week I actually worked out every day and read a few blogs and wrote a post from scratch!  All in one week!  This is huge, people.

The nap time goal this week is to catch up on emails, so if you've been waiting for me to respond, the plan is to make it happen this week!  I'm going to try.  Thank you for being patient with me!

This is what we've mostly been doing - hanging around the house, and cuddling, and reading books, and playing.  And then I chase Wyatt and Gwen around and clean up the messes.  It's actually been pretty nice!

Working Out

Speaking of working out - I haven't really done it since . . . before I was pregnant with Gwen.  It was a long time ago.  I didn't realize how pathetically out of shape I was.  But it has also amazed me how quickly my muscle strength can improve!  I've been doing this workout:

It's pretty tough on your abs, and I could barely do most of the exercises when I first started.  But now they are way easier!  I was also amazed at how my sciatic nerve pain (which was also making some of the exercises difficult for me) has improved since I started on a regular routine.  I think it's the physical therapy aspect of some of the exercises, but it feels so much better than it used to.  Everyone always touts the benefits of working out, and I guess I just forgot that they are right!

Musical Fun

I have discovered The Piano Guys.  (Why do I always feel like I'm the last person to discover stuff?)  Derek has apparently been listening to them for a long time, but I finally heard a song the other day, and I like them a lot!  Especially this song:

Pretty, no?

I'm also enjoying this album, since it's getting closer to summer.  Every song just feels like summer music to me.

For the kids, we've been listening to this CD:

It's songs based off of Bible verses, but they are actually fun for adults to listen to as well.  They have a whole series, and I'd like to get another one.

Other Stuff

Derek has spoiled me the last month.  He bought me some new Jamberry Nail wraps, and they are so fun!

(The link is for my friend's Jamberry page - Danae is a Jamberry consultant.  Please ignore the wrinkles in my wraps, I'm still working on perfecting my technique!)

I also had a little cash to spend on clothes and I got a few new items.  Mostly skirts and dresses since most of my pre-pregnancy pants are still not buttoning (but we won't talk about that, because it's depressing).  Anyway, skirts and dresses have been making me feel best about myself right now, so I'm excited for the warm weather days when I can wear them!

I've been reading a lot lately too.  I am part of several book review programs, and I kind of forgot that I had requested some books for this month, so I requested more books, and I've pretty much been drowning in books.  Which is not necessarily a bad problem to have!  These are a few of the ones I am currently reading, or planning on reading soon:

There will be reviews for several of these on the blog eventually.  But I saw this book in the store the other day, and I'm adding it to my want-to-read list:

Jase wrote a book!  Jase is my favorite Duck Dynasty guy.  I think he is so funny, so I really want to read this one.

And that is pretty much my life lately!  What about all of you?  Read any good books lately?  Any favorite "summer music" I should check out?
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Michelle said...

I LOVE the Piano Guys! So glad you discovered them. Looks like you have been busy have a great week!

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

I need to try Jamberry!!!

Veronica and Daniel said...

Ohh! We LOVE the piano guys :) Seeing pictures of you holding Clyde make me so excited to hold our little girl in about 12 more weeks!! :) Hope you all have a good day!

Amanda said...

I'm right there with you on the baby weight front. Very.Depressing. At least you are being proactive about it and exercising! I can't say the same. I am excited to order some good cds for Natalie and want to try Seeds of Faith on your recommendation! I see a Dee Henderson book in your stack...I have loved her books for a long time. Hope you enjoy it! Finding your groove after having a baby is so hard! One day I feel like I have finally figured out how to make things run smoothly ans the next day I feel like I'm drowning. We will figure it out! You're an awesome and mom and such an encouragement to me!

Melanie said...

Jase is my favorite too!! Love your new jamberry nail wraps! I just finished a book I had bought for my kindle.."the midwife of hope river"...I really enjoyed it! And had to mention I loved Clyde's little red wrinkly feet in that picture!

Kate Craig said...

Jase makes me laugh because I'm pretty sure his accent comes and goes. We live about an hour away from them now, so they're a big deal down here! Don't be too hard on yourself about the pants! Your tummy has been through a lot in a few years. You'll get there!

Tania said...

You are sooo hard on yourself! You look fantastic, I'm always wondering how you stay so tiny? I'm glad you're managing some relaxing you time whilst being a super mum to your gorgeous babies! Be kind to yourself xx

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Jase is my favorite brother from the DD crew! But, I think my favorite person overall is Korrie.

I may need more info on that workout DVD! Pretty sure I will need all the help I can get in a couple of months. BTW, you look amazing!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I don't see a hint of baby belly in that photo, but if you have an abdominal wall separation at all, you'll want to avoid crunches and the like, because they can make it worse!

Rae said...

First off, you look amazing! You still don't look like you just had a baby a month ago. :) You're doing an amazing job with three kids, you are my role model and hero since I don't think I could do as good a job as you! And I love the new skirts/dresses! Very pretty!

Whitney @ Journey Mercies said...

Oh man, I was an enthusiastic exerciser before I gave birth. Then I took two months off, and WOW! it really kicks my butt now. So kudos to you for jumping back in after only 4 weeks! and yes, piano guys are awesome - great playlist to play off youtube for background music!

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