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Shortly after Clyde was born I was making our bed, and I found one of those little blue and pink striped hats that they give you at the hospital tucked between the sheets.

It wasn't a big thing, but it struck me in that moment that I hadn't seen one of those hats lying around in a while.  In a short 16 months all the baby hats, pacifiers, swaddle blankets, and bottles had disappeared from our house, and seeing that baby hat in an unexpected place jolted me.

This time is so fleeting.  My babies are growing up day to day, and the baby things vanish one by one.  I don't recognize the last day I use the hospital baby hat.  I don't realize it's the last day we need to use the swaddle blankets.  I don't notice the last day my child plays with the baby rattle.  I don't notice until it's over.

It made me realize again that I have to cherish all those little baby things, because soon all my kids will be toddlers with no little hats to be seen.  I need to appreciate all the Hot Wheels cars and princess books scattered around my house right now, because the day will also come when I find a Lego under my couch and realize again that the years sneaked by when I wasn't looking.

My house might look like Babies 'R' Us exploded now, but there will come a day when all of these things will just be a memory.  I want to notice.  I want to see them.  I want to remember to love them while my kids are little.

While the baby things are here.
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Susannah said...

Awww... This makes me tear up! #pregnancyhormones

Melanie said...

So true! They grow up before we realize it..Gotta cherish each moment and phase!

Kaitlin@Homemaker Design said...

Awww! *sob!* It's TRUE!! I know - my fourth Little is already six weeks and I really see the changes happening more so this time - but what you said is so true - you don't notice often until it's gone!! I'm trying to soak in so much with this wee one but I can't pause time and it keeps on keeping on! :( I love each stage and I love seeing who my Littles are becoming but to be able to just pause the clock now and again.... *sigh* Lovely thought here Callie!

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