It's Gone

 My DSLR camera that is!  I'm not going to lie guys, I feel kind of naked without it.

Last week we were at the zoo and a dark line started showing up on my photos.  I played around with it a little bit and realized it got darker the higher the ISO, and changing lenses didn't help.

DSC 5245blog

See, on the left?

My sensor.  My poor sensor is dying.

I knew this was probably coming since I've been using my camera pretty heavily since I got it 2 1/2 years ago, but I was hoping to have more time.

DSC 5344blog
My niece was born last week!  Sweet little Chloe.  She is pretty much adorable and has the most gorgeous head of dark hair. This is my sister looking perfect after her c-section!  How she looks fresh as a daisy after waking up at 4:00 AM and undergoing major surgery is beyond me!

And of course this had to happen right before my niece was born. It figures.  I pulled out my old point and shoot to use in the meantime and I was reminded of why I took the plunge to buy a DSLR in the first place.  It's just not the same.

And wouldn't you know, I couldn't find a camera shop around here that fixes Nikons!  I'm not sure why.  Are they really difficult to fix?  Or expensive maybe?  I had to send it off to Nikon headquarters, and I'm just praying they don't lose it and can fix it quickly.  I need my camera!

So it's going to be point-and-shoot and phone photos for a little while.  I forgot all my tricks to make my p&s pictures look okay, so I'm going to have a learning curve.

I'm feeling lost without it.

Camera, come back!

It's kind of weird to get so attached to an inanimate object, isn't it?  Please tell me I'm not the only one!

P.S.  Please excuse the mess, I'm in the process of tweaking a few thing with my blog design!
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Melanie said...

Oh no!!!! Hope you get it fixed ASAP!

Emily grapes said...

I know lots of photogs who send their cameras to Nikon, and have no fear, you're in good hands with them. :) I have to agree with you though and say going back to a p&p is hard! Whenever someone hands me theirs to shoot, I take the most basic ugly shots because I'm so out of touch with them. Hopefully you'll be able to get your p&p skills back quick...and that your DSLR will be back before you know it! ;)

gail said...

I HATE Nikon's repair center. It's the reason I made the Canon switch! I hope it's fast and painless for you!

Lauren said...

so frustrating! I hate sending stuff off like that...makes me so nervous!

And I think I need your sister to teach me her ways...I DID NOT look like that a c-section! ha!

Michelle said...

My DSLR did that as well it was a sad day. I took it to Mike's Camera and they sent it off to have it cleaned and looked at because I had no idea what to do. They called me (they had it for a week and had to ship it back to me since I don't live in the big city) and said they could fix it but it would probably be cheaper to buy a new camera. But you could try Mike's Camera, though mine wasn't a Nikon. They did a great job and cleaned all my lenses anyway. It's a bummer when that happens! Your sister looks great! : )

Kate Craig said...

2 1/2 years does not sound like a long time to me! yikes!

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