Clyde At Three Months

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Clyde is three months old!

(My and my boy, getting some snuggle time on on the 4th of July.)

We took him in to the doctor for his two month checkup, and found out that he is over 11 pounds!  I forget how many ounces - I want to say 2 ounces, but I lost the sheet, so I can't check for sure.  We are about to switch him to size 1 diapers.  He is in mostly 0-3 month clothes, though a couple 3-6 month outfits are starting to fit.

A few things that happened this month:

-We got him circumcised.  Poor boy.  We couldn't do it in the hospital because our doctor was out of town.  Then we couldn't do it at his two week checkup because I was on blood thinners, and Clyde was bleeding too much from the needle prick - so we didn't want to risk his circumcision bleeding too much.  We were finally able to do it, and he was inconsolable for 45 minutes.  If I ever have another boy and our pediatrician is unavailable, I'm just going to ask a hospital doctor to do it at birth.  I don't know why I didn't think of that at the time.

-We left him for the first time to go on a date!  He got to spend some quality time with Gramie and Poppa!

-He rolled over from his stomach to his back on July 5th!  It was mostly an accident, but I'm counting it.

-He started laughing on July 3rd!  It sounded like a little laugh/hiccup, and it was so cute.  He has laughed several times since at Derek, and once or twice at me.  I love the baby giggles.

-He started getting over his colic!  We didn't do anything different, I think he is just starting to outgrow it.  Over the last two weeks he has just started crying a lot less, and smiling a lot more.

-We tried out his Bumbo seat for the first time!  He looks pretty adorable in it.

He is still sleeping pretty well - he will usually go an 8 hour stretch at night.  His doctor is very impressed.  Where we are having trouble is with falling asleep.  He usually has to be asleep or mostly asleep before I put him down or we have to go in multiple times to give him a pacifier.  I don't like that he needs his pacifier to fall asleep.  My other kids found their thumbs, and that was so much easier, so I'm holding out hope.  I'm thinking once Derek starts traveling I'm going to start attempting to get him to go to sleep on his own - that way if it is a disaster, only one of us is losing sleep.  I also think I'm a little better at the sleep training (sorry Babe!), so we'll see how it goes.

What I'm loving most this month?  Clyde's sweet little personality is starting to show more now that the colic is clearing up!   He loves Wyatt and Gwen - all they have to do is look at him, and it's ear-to-ear.  He likes to look around more and more, and he seemed to be a fan of the bumbo seat when we tried it.   He likes to be tickled.  He gives me this huge grin whenever I kiss his cheek.  He is so happy in the morning, or when his tummy is full, and he'll just smile at anyone who comes near him.  I love my sweet, happy boy.


My Little Baby Clyde,

Sweetie, your personality is showing through more and more this month, and I love it!  You have a smile for everyone, and you love it when people talk to you.  I think you are going to be sociable, but you still like to be with me best.  

I think mornings are my favorite time with you.  You usually wake up once around 4:00, and then you'll sleep until 7:00 or so - and then I bring you into bed with me, and we snuggle and snooze for a little while longer.  Eventually you'll get squirmy, and I'll say "good morning", and you give me that biggest smile possible and talk to me with your sweet baby coos.  It's a time for just me and you, to smile and talk and play and tickle.  I love those moments, sweet boy.  Sometimes I wish you would stay little forever.

I love you more than all the mosquitos in the summer (and that's saying something).

Love Always,
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Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Awe, I loved reading this. I cannot wait until Evelynn has her first laugh. :-)

Unknown said...

He's growing into a beautiful baby!

Lauren said...

so precious! it's still amazing how quickly they change and develop!

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